Neo wiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, BAE Tae-hyun) announced on the 14th that it will release its own development ‘LIES of P’ art at the conference held at G-Star 2022.

Row Chang-kyu’s false art director (AD) will participate as a speaker, and from 5 pm on the 18th, he will give a lecture on ‘Meet Pinocchio’ at the Susan BEX CO Conference Hall.

In this lecture, we will tell various art stories such as art techniques and characters of the characters, starting with the story of the false art background and concept of P, which has been well received by global media and users. The concept art images of history are also released.

Row Chang-kyu has participated in the development of Kingdom Underwire and R2, and is the art director of Bless Unleashes and Asked.

The false of P is Soul Lake Single Play Action Role Game (RPG) and will be released in the summer of 2023 as a console and PC version. In particular, from the 17th, G-Star will participate in 100 booths in G-Star, which will be held in BEX CO, Susan.