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◆ Netflix 月 ‘5,500 won’t blast…韓 OUT Advertising Market Direct

The world’s largest online video service (OUT) Netflix has launched a low-cost plan based on advertising. Advertising profitable business models have not yet been in the domestic OUT market. It is noteworthy that it will be an opportunity to embody the monetization model and predict the demand for OUT advertising for domestic companies.

Netflix launched ‘Advertising Basic (5,900 won)’, a new low-cost plan product on the 4th, in domestic and overseas markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan, including Korea. It is about half cheaper than the existing basic plan (9,500 won per month).

The intention is to break down subscribers. The number of Netflix subscribers in the first quarter was 200,000. 970,000 people in the second quarter were reduced. In the third quarter, the growth is still slow. Netflix said, We will improve all aspects of service.

The advertising basic plan is different from the existing basic plan. First, some movies or series cannot be watched due to license issues. Advertising (skip) or fast-to-cold functions are not supported. In the case of YouTube, it supports the skip function 5 seconds after the start of the advertisement. You have to focus on advertising.

The key is the domestic market situation. The domestic OUT industry has been focusing on subscription models. You can pay for the monthly fee and use the content that OUT service is serviced. In addition, the business model (BM) for users was virtually not built. It means that Netflix’s advertising revenue has not yet been in the domestic market.

In the meantime, advertising BM has been limited to the pay-TV market, except for certain companies such as YouTube. Therefore, it is difficult for domestic OUT companies to predict business results and prospects. There is also a view that Netflix would have gained an advantage in terms of advertising costs due to global OUT sidewalks. This is why domestic OUT companies are taking a position to watch the market rather than launching a similar plan.

An OUT operator said, There is no plan to launch an advertising (low-cost) plan similar to Netflix. This difficult situation.

The market outlook is positive. Securities prices are expected to exceed 1 trillion won in the size of the Netflix advertising market. Choir Jong-un, a researcher at KB Securities, predicted that the domestic Netflix advertising market will grow to 1.2 trillion won by 2025. Advertising based on the OUT platform is enough market demand. Earlier, Netflix also stressed that the advertiser’s response from the introduction of this plan is positive.

The domestic advertising market is also shaking. In addition to advertising marketing through existing channels, inquiries about Netflix advertisements have recently increased. An official in the advertising agency said, It is true that inquiries about Netflix advertising in addition to YouTube, starting with the advertising plan, he said.

◆ SaaS market that grows in recession… The speed of growth is slow

Despite the global recession, expenditures for the cloud are continuously increasing, and the market for service-type software (SaaS) is growing. However, as the SaaS market is growing around North America, there is an opinion that the SaaS ecosystem should be developed in Korea in preparation for future cloud era.

According to Gartner, a global IT research agency, the global public cloud market will reach $591.8 billion (about 840.53 trillion won), up 20.7% from $490.3 billion (about 696.127 trillion won). This is higher than the 18.8%forecast in 2022.

In addition, domestic public cloud expenditures were expected to increase 23.7% from 5.16 trillion won this year to 6.47 trillion won this year.

The inflation pressure and macroeconomic situation are affecting cloud expenditures, said the vice president of Gartner Research. It will work as a power.

But the organization should only spend within the budget range, he said. I can do it.

Meanwhile, Gartner forecasts the global SaaS growth rate at 16.8%next year. In the SaaS sector, it is expected to be the most influenced by inflation due to lack of human resources and the focus of margin protection.

To develop the latest SaaS application, you need higher wages and more skilled employees, so the organization will be able to suffer from reducing recruitment to manage costs.

Despite growth, profitability and competitive pressure, expenditures for clouds will continue through permanent cloud use, he said. We continue to induce spending during the period. For these suppliers, cloud spending is a pension and a constant gift.

In preparation for this era of cloud warfare, the industry is developing SaaS technology capabilities. In particular, in North America, eight out of 10 unicorn companies are growing enough to occupy SaaS companies, while domestic SaaS companies are mostly small startups and slow growth.

The overseas SaaS market is in maturity. Forbes expects the global SaaS market to grow from $233 billion in 2021 to 271.7 billion won this year. It is expected to grow to 525 trillion won by 2025.

In addition, 117 companies out of 507 new global unicorn companies were SaaS. Famous global SaaS companies include Sales Force, Shop Pie, Zoom, Work Day, and ServiceNow.

However, the domestic SaaS market is now growing. According to the ‘Cloud Industry Survey’ last year, the number of domestic SaaS service companies increased from 570 in 2018 to 780 in 2020. Related sales were estimated at KRW 1.44 trillion, up from KRW 1.14 trillion in 2018 to KRW 1.44 trillion.

The industry argues that cloud-related companies should be able to invest in SaaS for the development of the domestic SaaS ecosystem, and the domestic market is small, so it is necessary to establish an export strategy to target global targets.

CHO Look-see, chairman of the Korea Software Industry Association, said, In Korea, there are only clouds, and there are few SaaS products. Software companies have a very small rate of SaaS conversion. We need a major investment, so domestic cloud companies must actually grow.

However, even though the market of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is growing in Korea, the cloud does not have consumer prices, so the representative MSP company MSP companies Mega Zone Cloud and Ve spin Global are not able to profit, (Cloud Consumer Price If you keep it), domestic MSP companies will benefit, and based on this, the technology will increase technology competitiveness as these companies invest in SaaS.

In addition, Chairman CHO said, In order for SW companies to be large, the domestic market is too small, so we need to target the overseas market.

◆ US airport DDoS attack ‘Kill net’… German, Japan and Italy ‘omnidirectional’

Kill net, a pro-Russian hacker organization, has been conducting cyberattacks on countries supporting Ukraine since February this year, and on the 5th, refusal to distribute service to the US airport website (DDoS, DDoS) I attacked. To date, as the United States has been attacked by the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Lithuania, the Korean government has also begun to strengthen security for major infrastructure.

According to the Ministry of Science and ICT on the 7th, Kill net posted an attack message on major US airports through the telegram channel at 5:45 am on the 5th. Eight airports, including Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Grand Fork, Portland, Long Beach, Durango, Bismarck and Missouri, were attacked.

The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISS) strengthened monitoring and recommended strengthening security on major systems for major infrastructure such as aviation.

Kilned has been attempting cyberattacks on Ukraine and North Western Treaty Organizations (NATO) since February 24, since Russia invaded Ukraine. They are mainly on DDoS attacks, and they often occurred after providing support for Ukraine.

Earlier, Anonymous declared a cyberwar to them. Supporting the Putin regime, but the direct connection with the Russian government has not been known to date.

According to the Ukrainian Special Communications Information Protection Agency (SS CIP) and Infringement Accident Response Team (CERT), a total of 1,350 cyberattacks were detected from January 1 to June 30 this year. This is more than three times higher than in the first half of last year.

The hacker groups linked during the first half were ▲ Gamarredon Group ▲ Trick bot ▲ Sand worm ▲ APT28 ▲ APT29 ▲ Kill net ▲ Invisible. Their main targets were in the order of ▲ government and public institutions, security and defense facilities, energy, financial institutions, commercial sectors, and telecommunications sectors.

According to foreign sources such as Spiegel, in May this year, Kill net attacked some government sites, including the German Federal Chi and the Federal Constitutional Protection Agency. They admitted that they had attacked the attack through their own telegram channels. This is believed to have been made to protest Germany’s weapons of Ukrainian weapons. Kilned has also attacked the Italian government site in the same month.

At the end of June, Lithuanian government agencies and private companies were attacked. At that time, the Lithuanian government pointed to Kill net behind the attack, and it was seen that such an attack was carried out in terms of retaliation for preventing cargo transportation to Kali Leningrad. Earlier, Lithuanian railroad authorities informed Stalingrad Railroad that they would stop the European Union sanctioned products to move through Lithuania.

In early September, Japanese government sites were also attacked by cyberattacks. According to NHK, Kilned posted a cyberattack on their SNS on the 6th of the same month. Some sites have caused temporary access disorders, but have not been confirmed whether they are involved in killed.

Although the DDoS attack, which is estimated to be the performance of Kilned last month, occurred for more than 10 airport websites, including New York and Los Angeles, the security system at the airport has not reported hacking. On the 1st of this month, the US Treasury was reportedly attacked, but no damage was reported.

◆ Aka Games announced the new offensive… Earnings rebound

Aka Games’ launch lineup was unveiled. It is noticeable that it consists of various genres such as MMORPG, RPG, and FPS. Aka Games, who was regrettable due to the long-term success of Umamusume, is paying attention to the expansion of earnings from next year.

According to the game industry on the 7th, Aka Games (CEO CHO Tae-hyun) announced on the 3rd quarter earnings announcement on the 2nd of the last quarter’s earnings, ‘Western’, ‘Ever Soul’, ‘Ares: Rise of Guardians’ The launch schedule of the new lineup has been released.

Dist era contains the process of fighting for human survival in the future destroyed by the PC online survival FPS game under development by reality magic. The user must collect various resources in the game to create various weapons and hideouts and to survive to the final. On the 24th, Steam is scheduled to be released.

Nine Arc’s mobile collection RPG Ever Soul aims to launch in early January next year. The game begins with a full-fledged story with the emergence of the ‘Savior’ (user), which is called when the spirits living in the future, Eden, are in crisis. The differentiation system is the ‘ties system’ that adds the ‘sympathy’ between the user and the spirit. As users enjoy playing games in the love simulation genre, they can increase the spirit of spirit through various ‘connection content’, such as sharing and dating and performing missions.

MMORPG Arch age War, a cross-platform of XL Games, is also preparing for domestic launch in the first quarter of next year. Archie Age War is a work that emphasizes combat elements in the ‘Archie Age’ IP, and you can enjoy large-scale combat content such as the thrilling field war, maritime war, and siege. Archie Age War will showcase high quality graphics and weighty battles using Unreal Engine 4, while inheriting the original emotion.

Ares: Rise of Guardians, ahead of the launch in the first half of next year, is a cross-platform MMORPG set in the near future. Ares, developed by Second Dive, founded by Ban Seung-chul, CEO of the Dark Avenger series, has a strong action with high quality graphics, unique weapons and equipment. In particular, it consists of various contents such as equipment with various skills and attributes, stylish play that depends on ‘suits’, strategic battles against boss monsters, and ‘Valkyrie’ that crosses the ground and sky.

Road Complete’s mobile action RPG Guards Order is preparing to launch the third quarter of next year. The Guards Order, which is being developed by the Road Complete of ‘Crusader Quest’, which recorded 25 million global cumulative downloads, and PD Jung Tarrying, who participated in ‘Granada España’, features high quality dot graphics and action that maximizes the operation of users. To be.

Existing live games are also strengthening their competitiveness through large-scale updates. First, ‘Odin: Valor Rising’ will add ‘Siege’, the core RVR content of MMORPG on November 30, and update the World Champions League, which is the best among users in the fourth quarter. Uranus Pretty Derby is also expected to be updated by popular characters following Italian Black.

◆ Game Society Cleaning for Liquidation of Game Committee and calling for fundamental reform

There was a voice that the game water management committee (hereinafter referred to as the game committee), which is being successful, should be fundamentally reformed. The Game Committee is at the center of controversy, with the classification of the ambiguity of the blueprints triggered by the ‘Blue Archive’ grade upward situation.

The Korean Game Society (Chairman of the Society) made a statement on the 7th and pointed out that it was a long-term accumulated structural problem within the last years of the game. It was also defined as ‘red blood’. The Society demanded the fairness of the game committee, the probability-type item assistance, and the suspicion of corruption of the integrated follow-up management system.

The Society recently pointed out that the game commission has made a decision of the entire use of the Sea Sin 2, which is regarded as a ‘sea story’ mock game.

The society said, The most fundamental problem of deliberation is that the game committee researchers are in preliminary analysis and explanatory process of the game. Since the members are non-experts, the researcher’s investigation has a decisive impact on judgment.

The game committee repeats the mistake of analyzing visual-oriented analysis during the deliberation process. And drugs, such as drugs, language, and meandering acts, even though they can play directly or in-depth, and they can be judged to be judged. There is.

In addition, The problem of unprecedented closed procedures and operation is also pointed out. The game committee is completely closed for the deliberation process and the outcome. The release of the minutes convinces both gamers and game officials’ fairness and transparent deliberation. Even though it is necessary to secure ‘and’ trust ‘, we are repeating the incomprehensible words that we do not disclose the minutes for fair deliberation.’ It is leading to unfair perceptions. The game committee should seriously recognize this.

He also pointed out that the suspicion of corruption related to the establishment of an integrated follow-up management system in its own classification game should be explained. In addition to Lee Pantheon, according to the Democratic Party’s parliamentary office, the Game Committee was developed by an outsourcing company to establish a classification system in 2017, but the system has shown that some functions are still unfinished. In addition, despite the need to be reimbursed by an outsourcing company, the Game Committee did not receive any compensation and did not raise legal problems. The budget for this project is 3.88 billion won.

However, the Society stated that it would oppose the transfer of the game committee and the transfer of private autonomous deliberation. This is because the self-regulation of probability-type items, led by the Korea Game Industry Association for the past six years, is not effective. The society said, The last six years were too much time to verify the effectiveness of autonomous regulations in the game industry. I pointed out.

◆ Sales well, but the operating profit backwards ···

Never and Aka, both domestic internet companies, ‘reverse growth’ in the third quarter of this year. Sales increased even though the economic slowdown was spreading this year, but both operating profit decreased compared to before. Although the advertisement still accounts for a large proportion, the company’s affiliates and new businesses have supported sales growth due to the slowdown in the online (digital) advertising business.

Near executives predicted that it would be in a difficult situation in the fourth quarter because it was difficult to resolve the uncertainty of the foreign economy in the short term. Regarding the advertising business, which is a major sales, it is expected to focus on expanding its inventory and strengthening existing businesses.

In the third quarter of this year, Never posted sales of 2.57 trillion won and operating profit of W330.3bn. Aka recorded sales of KRW 1.85 trillion and operating profit of KRW 150.3 billion. In both places, sales were the highest in history, but operating profit decreased and ‘reverse growth’.

Never and Aka have focused on portals and messenger-based advertising businesses. As the budget for advertisers is limited, competition in the online (digital) advertising market is expected to be fierce. Among them, this year, even the economic slowdown is growing, and it is analyzed that it is not easy, like other overseas big tech (large IT companies) such as Google. Never is expected to expand its advertising product lineup and expand its inventory.

Aka has strengthened ‘Talk Channel’. Talk channels will open a channel in KakaoTalk to share information and news through message sending messages to users who have made friends with KakaoTalk.

Hong Sub-task, CEO of Aka, said in a 3Q earnings announcement conference call (meeting phone) on the 3rd, The most important strategic goal is to allow various operators to do business communication through talk channels. There are 57,000 and less than 1,000 toe channels of 1.6 million, and they believe that the pool must be expanded to small and medium advertisers to relieve this bias.

◆ ‘Dillon Musk’s Twitter’

Tesla’s chief executive officer, Elon Musk, has been confused after acquiring SNS Twitter. In the aftermath of the reduction and restructuring of the number of people, the Korean branch of Twitter Korea PR (PR) was also released.

According to the industry on the 7th, Twitter headquarters informed Twitter Korea employees of dismissal. It has been reported that more than 30 employees have worked for Twitter Korea. It is not officially known how much of the employees were fired. However, 50%of the Korean branch employees are reduced, and 25%of them are notified of dismissal.

The PR organization, which was in charge of the publicity, was dismantled. The dismantling of the PR organization is not only for the Korean branch, and it is said that more than 100 employees from global PR have been notified of the dismissal in this restructuring process.

Since the Twitter itself is SNS, it is an analysis that it would have been a new management judgment that there would be no need to prepare a communication window with the media. It is known that the media-related response is accepted through a separate e-mail.

Dillon Musk Tesla chief executive (CEO) finished the acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion (about 62 trillion won) on October 27 and began a large-scale reduction in about a week. Immediately after the acquisition, Musk immediately fired four executives. It is observed that 3,700 people will be dismissed, nearly half of the 7,500 employees of Twitter.