Joy City Kim Taejon won the Prime Minister’s Citation at the 8th Middle Business Day event held on the 7th.

Mid-sized Entrepreneurship Day is an event hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and organized by the Korea Mid-sized Company Federation. It is awarded government award to mid-sized entrepreneurs who have contributed to the development of the Korean economy and industrial development and those who worked hard to foster mid-sized companies.

Kim Taejon, CTO, is a first-generation developer who has developed a Korean history-based game.

In particular, it has a number of hits, ranging from games dealing with Korean history such as colonial and I’m Intro, Pirates of the Caribbean: Waves of War, and the majority of hits, and it is evaluated as a person who has raised the development and status of the Korean game industry through the global market development.

Joy City Kim Taejon said, It is a result of all employees who have made efforts to compete in the global market and derive the best results. We will do our best by showing all the capabilities so that Joy City can grow into a global company.