spoiler alert! This article includes spoilers in the main story of Hardin (Main Mission). If you are worried about spoilers, please refrain from browsing.

The new boss character that appeared in the Very.3.2 update of the open world RPG Hardin is the Motorized God (Scala mash) . During the battle, it was discovered that a special voice was issued when he was defeated by Maiden General.

◆ Relationship between the god of the regular machine, the calabash, and the General Maiden

The god of the regular machine is like a giant robot developed by Caracas to become a new god. Salamis boards on this, and a large-scale attack that can be called the power of God.

Although it is Caracas, its identity is a doll made by Maiden General (the original personality of Maiden General). It is a prototype made in the process of creating the autonomous doll Maiden General, which is a replacement for themselves, and from Caracas, Maiden is a mother.

However, Maiden judged Scala mash as a failed work and abandoned it in a certain unexplored area. In this case, Scala mash is resentful of Maiden Age.

◆ From Caracas to Maiden, a special voice that exposes emotions

When General Maiden is defeated during the boss battle, Scala mash will emit a special voice Baals, you can’t do anything any more . Furthermore, if you are defeated in the second stage of the boss battle, you can hear another special voice, Bailable, I have already become a god (Bailable is the name of Maiden Shadow).

It is a line that feels a strong desire for lightning lights, as if you were a grudge, or even a failed work and a discarded growth.

In particular, the second Bailable, I have become a god is a shout as if I had exposed emotions, and it was a line that seems to be proud of my own, but somewhere sad. I feel.

As an individual, I guess there is a feeling like a child who wants to see the mother (lightning) or look back at the mother, including the obsession with God’s heart that he showed in the story? I think, but what about Caracas’s true intentions?

There is no doubt that his story will continue, as the new character Wander, which looks exactly like Caracas, has been released. I am looking forward to the future development, such as his true intentions and what kind of path they will take.

The god of the regular machine reappears as a weekly boss after defeating the main story. You can fight as many times as you can at the unexplored area Jurikuri Kobe added to the Chinwag Gorge, so if you have a General Maiden, why not listen to special voices on purpose?