ULTIMATE GAMES has released a trailer for the new agricultural sim of the new agricultural sim by RURAL GAME STUDIO.

This work is a first-person agricultural simulator set in the ancient world, and starts as a starved farmer at first. From there, pioneering a vast wasteland, using primitive tools such as a hatchet and data to defeat trees, digs soil to cultivate farmland and harvest resources. Once you get the raw materials, we will build a building to grow livestock, and gradually stabilize the farm and stabilize the infrastructure, aiming for the prosperity of the clan.


◆ Trailer

The published trailer depicts the scenery of the ancient world and game play. First, cut the tree with a hatchet, pull it into two cows, and completely defeat the plants that grow with data to secure the farmland. Then, build a livestock hut with a tree or straw, put food there and make a sleeping place to take care of livestock. Finally, you can also dig a groove to cultivate and water the land using animals, maintain the farmland, plant the grain, and then harvest it.

Ancient farm, an ancient agricultural sim that opens up land using primitive tools and technologies, is scheduled to appear soon for PC (Steam).