Electronic Arts has always wanted their football games to be as related to the real world as possible and FIFA 23 will not be an exception. In fact, developers will carry out a double bet on the occasion of the celebration of the World Football Championship that will take place from November 20. As announced there will be a great free update very soon whose details have finally been revealed. Among them, the one that most disturbed the community: the system they would carry out to integrate this special mode for the World Cup with Ultimate Team.

Thus will change Ultimate Team with the arrival of the World Cup

The first important detail is that the 2022 World Cup update will arrive at FIFA 23 on the next day November 9 , including different ways, although its integration with Ultimate Team will not begin until two days later. It will be 11 when an event will start that will be fully integrated with the usual experience in this game mode. That is, it will not happen as in other editions that we had a special version during the World Cup month. Instead, we will continue playing the same fut and Everything we get will be for our main team .

The integration of the World Cup with Ultimate Team will begin through an event that will take place between November 11 and 23. In this period the unique future heroes , improved versions of the current heroes will be available in the game. Of course, in this period there will also be new rewards both in envelopes and for players who do not spend money on FIFA Points. Cosmetics will be available to customize our club, including the equipment of the national teams. The details of this specific event have not yet been revealed, only that it will be called Road to the glory of the World Cup .

As for the possibility that Ultimate Team is ‘single’ on the occasion of the event, there should not be too many concerns. Many of the rewards that we will obtain will be temporary and can only be used while the World Cup lasts, so that this effect is avoided. Other rewards or letters obtained in different collections will be permanent. However, they are substitutes for new collections that were also going to be available during the months of November and December. Unless Electronic Arts passes the line, FIFA 23 should offer us the same experience as other editions, but even better.