MMO Strategic Game Development and Publisher War gaming (CEO: Victor Karla) will start the preliminary operation of Japanese light cruisers through the 0.11.10 update of its maritime battle MMO game ‘World of Warships’ do.

The newly added Japanese light cruiser boasts an excellent range, and more than eight stages are equipped with a number of main guns. In addition, the detection rate is observed and the torpedoes with excellent range and attack power can be used, so it is useful to get out of the bombardment or surprise the enemy if necessary.

Players can acquire new warships in a variety of ways, including a series of packages, such as Agana, Goose, and Shimano, and Mono as a final reward when completing a combat mission group. In addition, in commemoration of the addition of the new Japanese warships, the exterior of the port of Jeungpang-gu is newly changed.

The submarine of Germany and the United States, which began in advance in the last update, will be added to the research system, so all players will be able to study. The German submarine has a low detection rate and has a high retention submarine but has a low submarine charge. US submarines, on the other hand, have low reserves but have a high submarine charging rate.

In this update, a number of graphics improvements apply. A new HD texture is applied to the Mountains, Strait, North, Estuary, and North Light Maps. The new Battle Pass, the fourth season of the battles, and the 19th season Barbuda will be held.


For more information, please visit the official website of ‘World of Warship’.