After the last live transmission of version 3.2 of Genshin Impact , the community is even more anxious for the arrival of Arcane Pedro , Bahia . To increase the curiosity of fans, the Hoovers has revealed important details, including the history, skills and ascension materials, accompanied by a new trailer. The character will reach the game banner accompanied by Layla and more news from November 2.

Previously, Bahia and Layla have already had their game plays leaked and gave the community a preview of what is coming. Official skills are not so different from leaks, so players should not be surprised by the ads.

Bahia is another resident of Summer to be introduced to the game. She is a vision catalyst user Pedro and five-star rarity, her skills consist of allowing him to cause elementary reactions even when she is out of the field. The character is the deadly body of Lord Minor Susana, Arc hon Pedro , protector of the Summer region.

Although it is common for aconites to be glorified, as in Ronstadt with barbies or life with moral , similar does not occur with lord minor Susana. She lives almost imprisoned in the Shrine of Surasthana, and can only contemplate the beauties of the world through dreams, revealed in her character trailer.



Elemental skill: universal schemes

Sends karmic ties of wood and tree from its side, inflicting damage in a ARE and marking up to eight opponents hit with the Sandra seed. When used in maintaining mode pressed, this ability will be triggered differently.

Keep pressed:

It enters the target mode, which allows you to choose a certain number of opponents within a certain ARE, during this time, resistance against Bahia interruption will be increased. When the aim of aiming, this ability will cause damage to these opponents and mark them with the Sandra seed. The target mode lasts up to five seconds and allows you to choose up to eight enemies.

Supreme: Illusory Heart

The Supreme manifests the Dream Palace, creating the Maya Sanctuary field, which according to the number of character characters Pro/Electron/Hydro on the team, provides a certain bonus effect for Bahia.

Pro: When Bahia is in the sanctuary of Maya, the damage inflicted by the Triassic elimination of her elemental universal schemes increases.

Electron: When Bahia is in Maya’s sanctuary, it reduces the interval to trigger Triassic purification of your elemental ability universal schemes.

Hydro: The duration of Maya’s sanctuary is increased.