Like other video games, Modern Warfare 2 has a good amount of errors and failures that hinder the player’s game experience. One of those mistakes, in particular, is the Ingham Scan and repair the error while playing Modern Warfare 2. *

Modern Warfare 2: Correction of scanning and repair errors

The scanning and repair error generally occurs in video games when some files in the game are damaged or missing. These are the steps that must be followed if you find the error scan and repair while playing Modern Warfare 2:

Start Modern Warfare 2 and go to the game Settings .
Navigate to interface tab.
* Scroll down until parallax effects.
Giro Paralyzed effects * off.

The previous scan and repair error solution has been suggested by a Twitter user who uses @bparadox on the platform. He also said that it is not 100% effective, but has helped some players get rid of this problem.

queries Escape and Reparation victims

This is not 100% effective, but so far it has worked for us!

Configuration→ Interface→ Paralyzing effects [OFF]

-Paradox Customs (@bradox) October 28, 2022

As a result, it is not a guaranteed solution, but it is worth trying until Infinity Ward officially recognizes this problem. Meanwhile, you can also contact the activation support so that everything returns to normal. They can help you by analyzing registration files and providing a permanent solution for the error ‘scan and repair’.


There you have it. That is all you need to know about fixing the scanning error and repair of Modern Warfare 2. Before leaving, be sure to consult other content related to Modern Warfare 2 here in, as does the servers of Modern Warfare 2 Are they fallen? How to verify the status of the server and all the weapons level limits of Modern Warfare 2. And as always, feel free to read the relevant links below.

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