Publisher THQ NORDIC announced on October 28 that it will donate a part of the sales of ending-Explining ICU Forever to the japan nature conservation Association (NASA). The goal is to support nature protection and endangered species, and contribute to sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Ending-Explining ICU Forever is an adventure game depicting the last surviving fox parent and child, which is an earth where human environmental destruction is progressing. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One/PC (Steam). The player becomes a mothers and survives while raising the fox. In front of the fox family, humans and other animals may appear and be aimed at life. While overcoming natural threats such as fallen trees and fire, they continue to travel in a harsh journey searching for a place of peace.

In this work, while the fox family is cute, the world’s environmental destruction is progressing steadily as the game progresses. Contrary to the visuals of cute animals, it is a work that depicts the destruction of the environment caused by humans. The Japan Nature protection association, which has been announced as a part of the sales of this work, mainly to protect the environment in Japan.

The Japan Nature protection association was founded in 1951 and has been working to protect Japan’s nature for more than 70 years. It is said that the funds for the activities are covered by membership fees, rewards for accepting business, and donations. Although there is no subsidy from the government, it is an organization that has been recognized by the government and has been certified by the government as a public interest incorporated foundation. The main activities are protection of endangered species such as black bears and gall eagle, and conservation of domestic natural environments, such as coral reefs. Donations from THQ Nordic will be used as funds for these activities.

Game-related companies, such as Nintendo, Sega Sammy, and Cyber Agents, have also announced their SDGS initiatives. Like the THQ Nordic this time, the movement of donating a part of sales may continue to increase in the future. If these efforts increase, it will increase the opportunity for users to cooperate with nature protection.

Ending-Executive ICU Forever is on sale for Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One/PC (Steam). It is said that the first sale is also being held at the Nintendo E Shop. Until November 9, it is on sale for 3168 yen, which is 20 % off the list price of 3960 yen.