Before 8,500 viewers in the arena on the Hardware, Christian Insomnia only missed out on the excellent opportunity to 2-0 4 minutes later when he failed openly to goalkeeper Marius Gerber.

The KSC, mug victor from 1955 and 1956, was denied a success story like in the pre-season, which had actually led to quarter-finals.

It was only for the fourth time 2nd department football team SV Tannhauser moved right into the round of 16 of the DFB Cup.

The KSC also stopped working at the second Tannhauser hits: Gerber fisted the round also short, Alexander Schizo the good news is accepted the gift (44. ). After a handball by Melville Pamela, Marvin Wanted reduced the fine point (58th).

In the Baden neighborhood battle with the league competing Karlsruhe SC, the table-15 settled. With 8: 7 in an interested charge shootout. After 120 minutes it was 2-2, only KSC expert Marcel France failed after hits with the 15th shot.

The guests, terrifyingly weak in the initial half, went to work a lot more body after the break and also were awarded with the equalization of Tim Breitbart (72nd). In the expansion, Dario Du mic for Tannhauser headed to the bar (117th).

The guided tour came under the lap: after a flank by Philipp OCS, KSC defender Stephan Ambrosia banged the round with a failed defense project into their very own objective (8th).