It is not new to see different niches like League of Legends and K-pop , converge at times. But this week began with a different and unusual interaction between both sides, by a discussion between ARMYs-fans of the South Korean group BTS-and fans of Faker . Yesterday (17), on Twitter each side defended his idol, while the outside was served with much entertainment. The motivation of the fight was due to the mandatory military enlistment of South Korea .

The discussion began when a K-pop fandom person did not understand why BTS was not exempt, when the soccer player, son hung min , had this benefit. But it turned out to be the Faker and the gamers came together to defend it, in one of the rare moments of the scenario.

It was not a huge fight for both sides to have angry attacks, it can be said that now Army’s should know all Faker titles in LOL and Pro Player fans should meet all awards in music and seen many fan cams.

See the best reactions on Twitter:

Good memory for plays? Talk to Faker fans

These two suffered more than JU

Faker does this?


Mode Faker Protect Squad activated

What is compulsory military enlistment in South Korea?

South Korea has a law that all physically suitable South Korean men over 18 should serve for at least 18 months. The goal is to maintain the country’s defense capacity against possible North Korea attacks because they have been at war since 1953, although for decades there were no direct attacks.

In a way, this rule bothers fans of South Korean entertainment, laws that foresee exemptions were designed mainly for cases of strong notoriety, such as BTS. Regarding athletes, there is greater flexibility in receiving notoriety at major sporting events such as World Cup, Olympic Games and Asian Games. But in the case of artists, the situation was not so simple until a law that would allow the postponement to up to 30 years to be sanctioned in 2020.

In the case of BTS, despite the efforts and hopes of the fans, the group will perform to the Armed Forces, starting with the oldest member Jin, who will turn 30 in December this year. For this reason, this week the group announced a three-year eak for everyone to do compulsory military service. Jin should start the process at the end of October.

Faker is free of military enlistment?

In fact, no, Faker is not yet exempt from military enlistment. The athlete is only 26 years old, taking him to this discussion has not made much sense that he has a few more years before he had to introduce himself to the Armed Forces. In the new law, international recognition personalities can postpone the enlistment until they turn 30. Soon, the player faces another four years of LCK and international tournaments.

But there is still a chance that he is exempt or fulfill a shorter period. South Korea is usually more flexible compared to athletes, an event in which they can show that they deserve this benefit is Asian games. The event scheduled for September 23 to October 8, 2023, will mark eSports introduction among the modalities. If the T1 is a won of one of the medals, Faker can avoid enlistment, but will still have to meet a period of four weeks of military service, as happened with Tottenham player, Son Hung Min.

Despite the differences, fans of South Korean stars of games and music have nowhere to escape, one hour is likely that mandatory enlistment will arrive. But at least those of both sides that took the sports managed to have a moment of relaxation to laugh with certain tweets.