The launch of Overwatch 2 _Due everything except pleasant for fans. Due to constant DDoS attacks, the servers failed to face the large number of people who wanted to experience this title in their early days. Along with this, controversial entered policies and the elimination of several were not to the public. In this way, blizzard has apologized to the public with a series of free items .

All those who enter Overwatch 2 between October 25 and December 6, will receive a new legendary skin for Reaper, the cursed captain, along with an amulet of Health Pack’s weapon . Similarly, during the next weeks you will get twice as much experience in all the games in which you participate. This was what was said about it:

Since the launch of Overwatch 2, we have impressed your enthusiasm and has incredibly moved us the large number of you who experience our game. But we know that we have also encountered some important problems.

We are committed to constantly investigating problems as they arise, work quickly to solve them and be transparent with our community on the state of Overwatch 2.

overwatch 2 has faced various problems over the last weeks, and although its free-to-play model has managed to attract a large public, contradictory measures have also been implemented, such as the need to use a telephone number To log in . In related issues, this is the most wanted To Overwatch character in adult sites. Similarly, you can learn more about DDoS attacks here.