It is with the arrow up in the real world and that has given him an opportunity to shine in FIFA 23. The last team of the week included Alexander Sloth in his initial eleven sharing with Haaland the position of center forward. He did not surprise the fans of the league to appear the player of the Real Sociedad, who came to score two goals and distribute an assistance in the last game of his team. However, he did an improvement in ‘pacifistic’ terms that has made him one of the most interesting letters of the moment for teams that want to take a step forward.

Alexander Sloth is The Haaland of the poor in fifa 23

Available in the community market at a price of just 20,000 coins that places it as a fairly affordable star, Sloth’s letter belonging to Tow 3 has become one of the most interesting of all FIFA 23. A step forward with respect to the strikers that we consider goal at the beginning of Ultimate Team that will give us joy in the coming weeks, allowing us to forget more strikers while we are making small improvements in the rest of the demarcations (if we play with an only tip). A luxury that we will now review with some more detail.

The truth is that the statistics of this player make a very interesting alternative in the first instance. Without applying any chemistry style, he already yields above his assessment in the center’s front position. He has an impressive rhythm marked especially by a sprint speed that reaches 95 points . This, combined with which he is considered a length corridor benefited by the Accelerate system and that has a base of strength of 96 They immediately do one of the most effective players in terms of physicist.

key statistics from Alexander Sloth

Height *: 1.94
Acceleration : 80 (long)
Speed : 95
Force *: 96
Resistance : 88
Headers : 93
Pass *: 78
Completion: * 82

Although it is evident that the center of the Royal Society still has a few you must in its statistics that are above all notice in short passes not too good and a correct but insufficient ending, the truth is that a whole portent. Most of the failures that this letter has are easy to solve by applying the correct chemistry style (we recommend finishing, hunter or shooter). In this sense, the only pending appearance of the letter would be in its basic agility of 62 and the balance of 63. More than a barrage, we are facing a lethal, surprisingly fast and extremely efficient tank in the air game.

Being a relatively affordable player, the truth is that its use is highly recommended, especially considering that there may not They want to spend money on envelopes. In this sense we are facing a very complete striker with very marked strengths and that yields well above the expected. To such an extent comes the thing that some members of the community have been considered the Haaland of the poor.


We of course are going to give you a chance, and we have already planned our own team-a less convincing one-with Ødegarard, Haaland and Sloth if one day we managed to get Manchester City. The only penalty we have is that this selection will not be in the World Cup to give us more special letters from its players.