I remember perfectly when I first saw Iron Man on a DVD with my parents. I remember that when the movie ended, the credits stayed and suddenly there was a sequence more in which a series of films with the same universe was dropped : effectively that is where the MCU or Marvel cinematographic universe began **, a set of entertainment products that revolve around everything the company focused on telling stories about superheroes, something we never saw and that would end up becoming a gigantic game of Fortnite.

Until Avengers: Endgame , everything Marvel had done seemed quite good, not to say it was one of the great reasons why I kept going to the movies. But once the entire narrative arc of Thanos and the Gems of Infinite ended, ** The desire to know more about everything that surrounds this universe vanished. Narrative to get profitability from everything because MCU fans will eat anything regardless of anything.

Why do I explain this? Well, because I want to talk about my problem with The Airfield Chronicle , Square Enix’s last game that, without being bad, is not a title that has given me anything new or exciting. And I don’t say that others liked more, but I think Square Enix is sinning the same as Marvel.

Airfield Chronicle is good, but not essential

We will talk about the game as such; The Airfield Chronicle is a strategy RPG that tells the story set in a unique and visually beautiful world that combines fantasy with medieval and current elements. It is a story that we have already seen too many times: a group of heroes must help a kingdom that is plunged into evil.

For the creation of this game they have joined the team of Square Enix a series of people of enormous talent : Tiki, characters designer of Lord of Vermilion III and IV; ISAM Kamikokuryo as a conceptual artist of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII; and the composers Rain Hawaii and Brandon Campbell, of Game of Thrones.

With these additions we would think that it is a huge and ambitious game, but the reality is that is not risky in most of its areas . Having great names in the project is not always synonymous with success and there are many examples of this, such as Cyberpunk 2077, not Man’s Sky or Fallout 76. In this case it is not a stratospheric failure, but it has passed without penalty or glory through the West.

One more and a less clear

One of the great qualities of The Airfield Chronicle is undoubtedly its such unique play style . With a fusion of many strategic styles, it is everything, and it is none at the same time. It is a rather unusual RPG, with a gameplay that at first glance seems to be very boring, but that is actually incredibly fun and entertaining. If we gather stunning graphics, we have a very colorful and entertaining title for the player… but already.

The way of playing is very funny, and reminds us a lot to what we have seen in Com and Fire Emblem , but this ceases to be entertaining when you have been doing the same over and over again. Because yes, game that Square Enix takes out, game that lasts more than 40 hours. I really still do not understand the need to extend so much artificially a game that does not give more past 10 hours of play. That if you tell me that the story is interesting, it is worth it, but it is one that we have seen thousands of times by the Japanese study.

Marvel and Square Enix, two sides of the same coin

This is when I talk about the problem that Square Enix has, and I have called Marvel Syndrome , which consists of making games without stop. ** Did a movie about war machine or a series about the Carter agent really need?

The same thing happens to The Airfield Chronicle, it is an entertaining game, but it is another by Square Enix that takes advantage of once again the aesthetics and atmosphere of the final universe Fantasy to create a title that is the copy of another copy of another copy of another copy of another copy of the sixth installment of the saga. Let’s see if with the results of its last games the company tells that the quantity does not matter but the quality.