Now that we met all the harbingers of the fate Genshin Impact, we begin to learn more and more about them. They work for the queen, the current cryoarchont. Their current goal seems to be to collect the dates of other arc hons. Read on to find out what we know about Pierrot, the first of the precursors.

Who is Piero from Genshin Impact?

Pierrot is the leader of the harbinger of Fate, his code name is jester . Our first acquaintance with him came from the advertising video Hoovers, a Winter Night’s Lazio. On it, we see that he is middle-aged, wears a fur coat and has blond hair at least to the shoulders. He also wears a mask on the right side of the face, similar to the woodcock mask.

Details about Pierrot from a set of artifacts Pale Flame in Genshin Impact

In the description of the object Conamed Mask from a set of artifacts Pale Flame, the name of the jester is directly indicated, so we do not need to guess that we are talking about it. There are three key lines in this description:

  • Since my level of scholarship could not be compared with the sages, I could not earn the favor of the previous ruler.
  • Due to his design and his status, the first harbinger of Fate, the opinion is widespread that Pierrot was originally from Maria. This line probably refers to its status in this nation, below the sages. Although, most likely, he should have been someone important if he had a chance to earn the favor of his ruler, although he clearly failed.
  • So I could not prevent them from breaking the veil of sin, taking a wave of divine anger, destruction and stupidity.
  • This line also supports the theory that Pierrot is from Henry’a. Probably, this applies to his inability to stop the events of the cataclysm.
  • Let’s put on our masks, mocking the world when we go forward and rewrite the rules of fate.
  • This is the last line of description of the subject, and it tells us about its goals as a harbinger. The rules of fate probably relate to heavenly principles.
  • He also declares in the commercial that the harbinger of Fate will seize power from the gods.


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