Splat on 3 offers many ways to conduct ink-based combat operations. You can choose from many types of weapons, but Plataea offers universality that few types of weapons have. Excellent at close range, but still well working at a long distance, Plataea is an excellent selection of weapons. Below you can find a list of strengths and weaknesses, as well as various weapons like Plataea.

Platoon 3 Freights

The rafting is, first, by the near-battle weapon, but its charged shot can reach a fairly large distance, and also allows your incline or octopus to make a break-in forward. It is also an excellent weapon to cover the territory with ink, which means that it works well in battle and outside it. They also have excellent handling, which is useful when you need to slap mobile enemy.

  • A combination of near and distant battle.
  • Excellent controllability and accuracy.
  • Dash avoids ink.

Platoon 3 Flight SCENTS

Although Plataea can fight at large distances, he loses to another weapon. His charged shot requires time to charge, which means that you remain open and cannot attack. The same applies to the weapons of near-battle, because there are better options. Having the function of both, the rafted needs an element of surprise in certain matches.

  • Not as good as a specialized weapon of near and long-range action.
  • Sometimes you need to attack enemies.
  • Has problems with staining the lawn vertically.

Platoon 3 Weapons of the Plataea type

Founded janitor * (Level 5)
torpedo : Auxiliary weapons that fly to your enemies. If you throw him next to the enemy, he changes his shape and aims at the enemy, exploding when hit and spraying the ink everywhere. You can shoot down enemy torpedoes.
Ultra stamp : Attack with a huge hammer. Click and hold ZR to move forward, striking with a hammer. If you click and let go, you will throw the hammer far for the attack, and the special issue will end.
rafting Islander * (level 15)
Explosive bomb : a bomb that explodes when touching something. This is a small, weak explosion, but it does not consume a lot of ink, so you can throw one after another.
Disaster : turns into an acrobat in an ink cloak and carries his elastic hand across the battlefield! Use R to aim and stick to the walls. You can still use your main weapon, as usual, with ZR. When your ink ends, your transformation will end, and you will return to the starting position with the help of a super jump.

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