Splat on 3 offers many ways to conduct ink-based combat operations. You can choose from many types of weapons, but those who like to remain mobile will like Dualizes. These double pistols provide high rate of fire and the opportunity to dodge danger. Below you can find a list of strengths and weaknesses, as well as various weapons of the Dualize type.

platoon 3 dualizes strengths

Duel is an excellent weapon for those who prefer to stay mobile and stand in the face of your opponent. When using this weapon, you will need to get closer so that your allies and you yourself quickly fight the enemy or smear your ink on the map. One of the greatest advantages of deals is the possibility of dodge and avoid spray.

  • It is perfectly distributed on the map.
  • Fantastic rate of fire.
  • Dodge Roll allows you to avoid enemy ink.

The weaknesses of Platoon 3 Dualizes

While Dualizes boasts excellent rate of fire and mobility, they damage them are not enough compared to other weapons in Platoon 3. In addition, their suffers from accuracy ** the farther you are from The enemy, that you will want to attack. Due to their low damage, you must rely on avoiding a strike when rapprochement, which means that you need to master the evasion.

  • Low damage.
  • You need to be near.
  • We have to constantly move.

Weapon Platoon 3 Dualizes

Dual Fuck * (1st level)
Having bomb *: a bomb that attaches to the ground and walls. The explosion takes more time than for Splat Bomb, and ink scatter further.

Crab tank *: Leave your enemies in trouble thanks to the excellent power of the ink of this swift tank. Click ZR for quick shooting. His back is vulnerable to enemy attacks, but you can switch to mobile mode using SL to protect yourself.
Double noise given (Level 8)
Bomb repayment : a bomb, which explodes shortly after landing. He stains the area around him when explodes, and can even destroy the opponents.
The destroyer of the waves *: launches a device that generates sound waves to bring hidden opponents to open space. Waves spread on the ground, noting and inflicting damage to all opponents whom they concern. To avoid damage, just jump over each wave.
Friday doubles * (level 14)
* Screenshot Pro Game Guides: A device emitting a signal that can be detected by incline and octopus. You can super jump to the Calmer’s lighthouse comrade on command, choosing it and by pressing A. You can place up to three at the same time. Usually they are disposable, but allies who do not have a jumping lighter can use them twice.
* Screenshot Pro Game Guides: Draws a refrigerator with drinks, which for a short time improve some of your abilities. There are four drinks, but you can only drink one-the rest can be divided! You will lose an improvement if you are sprayed during the action of the drink, but you will immediately revive.

* Dark Tetra Dualism (Level 17)

*** Autobomb **: a bomb that automatically finds opponents. He will look for opponents in the place where you abandon it, and if he finds, he automatically begins to go to them. When he approaches the enemy, he stops and explodes.

Insider *: Dry on the float in the shape of a shark, driven by ink, and rush forward. When you reach the end of the way or click ZR, the float will explode and cause damage.
Dualism Global (Level 21)
The surge of the wall : a device that erects an ink wall in front of you, which blocks the invasion and attacks of the enemy. The attacks of enemies will accelerate the time required to fall the wall. You can only place one at a time.
* buoy bomb : Direct the energy into an explosive ink ball and run it into the enemy. By sending and receiving buoy from your team, you can quickly gain strength. The teammates, sending Boats, will be rewarded with a small filling of a special scale.

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