Splat on 3 offers many ways to conduct ink-based combat operations. You can choose from many types of weapons, including a blaster. This weapon is a blow with two blows, dropping ink in its path, and then exploding at the end. Below you can find a list of strengths and weaknesses, as well as various weapons of the blaster type.

Platoon 3 Blaster’s strengths

Blaster is a weapon relative to the near action, which can hit several at once due to its explosion . He also drops ink in a straight line before the shell is exposed. It can be used to push off opponents or make them disperse. Blaster Damage The output is quite good, which allows you to quickly beat opponents when it gets.

  • Can quickly crush opponents.
  • Can destroy several goals at the same time.
  • Good in order to force opponents to move.

The weaknesses of Blaster Platoon 3

Although the blaster can cause good damage, it requires a direct hit from the high-explosive projectile to be effective. This is combined with its low rate of fire means that you can surpass many other types of weapons. Because of its type of shell, a blaster is not the best weapon to cover peat.

  • Slow rate of fire.
  • We will have to hit with explosives to inflict damage.
  • Not suitable for painting the lawn.


Platoon 3 Weapon type

Blaster * (Level 3)
Autobomb : a bomb that automatically finds opponents. He will look for opponents in the place where you abandon it, and if he finds, he automatically begins to go to them. When he approaches the enemy, he stops and explodes.
Big Barber: Expand this device at your feet to protect yourself with a large spherical barrier. This bubble blocks external attacks with ink, but cannot interfere with the entrance of the opponents themselves. Damage to the upper part or internal device will lead to a faster operation of the barrier.
Fast blaster * (Level 7)
Ink mine : a trap that you put on the ground. When the enemy approaches, he is activated, noting this enemy. It is also activated if the enemy applied it. You can put two at once.
Triple ink blow : Throw and expand the guidance device with R to deliver an ink blow generating tornado to this place on top. You can deploy up to three guidance devices to activate three separate ink tornadoes.
Far Blaster * (Level 11)
Having bomb : a bomb that attaches to the ground and walls. The explosion takes more time than for Splat Bomb, and ink scatter further.
The destroyer of the waves : launches a device that generates sound waves to bring hidden opponents to open space. Waves spread on the ground, noting and inflicting damage to all opponents whom they concern. To avoid damage, just jump over each wave.

Luna Blaster * (Level 13)
Bomb repayment : a bomb, which explodes shortly after landing. He stains the area around him when explodes, and can even destroy the opponents.
Disaster : turns into an acrobat in an ink cloak and carries his elastic hand across the battlefield! Use R to aim and stick to the walls. You can still use your main weapon, as usual, with ZR. When your ink ends, your transformation will end, and you will return to the starting position with the help of a super jump.
Purchase Blaster * (Level 22)
Bomb repayment : a bomb, which explodes shortly after landing. He stains the area around him when explodes, and can even destroy the opponents.
Tripura : Click ZR to run streams of spiral ink with one shot. You can run it up to three times.
Rapid Blaster about * (level 26)
toxic fog : a bottle that sprayed a fluid of a certain creature in the form of a fog. Opponents who have fallen into the fog move more slowly, and their ink is slightly reduced. The longer the enemy is in the fog, the stronger the effect becomes.
* Ink vacuum cleaner *: make your ink shots more powerful, absorbing enemy attacks! Keep ZR to create a whirlwind that absorbs enemy ink attacks. As soon as the tank fills up or when the timer expires, release ZR, and you will strike with super cherries!

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