Vampire Survivors has an enemies class called Stage Killers. However, if you do not know how they look, it can confuse you. Some achievements and unlocking require you to kill a certain number of stage killers to move forward. That’s all you need to know about this enemy.

who are stage killers

stage killers Enemy who appears in chapel Maine scene. They appear as versions of game characters with a changed palette. There are 16 different versions, but they all look like game characters with a changed palette.

The health and damage to Stake Killers depends on the player’s level, so the higher your level, the more difficult it is to kill him. Elite stage killers are a slightly stronger version of Stage Killers, which will accidentally appear in the waves of Stage Killers.

Unlock Sir Ambrodzho

Sir Ambrose -A game character who can be unlocked by killing a total of 6,000 stage killers or elite stage killers. This amount is considered to be a lifetime. After completing, you unlock the achievement of Sir Ambrose, and the character can be bought from the selected characters for 500 gold, multiplied by the number of characters that you have already unlocked.

The best way to kill 6000 Stage Killers is to make several races in Capella Magma a character of the highest level. Thus, you can get an achievement in just a few groomers.

In addition, Ambrose can be unlocked with cheats. To do this, open the forbidden Morgan scrolls and say the Languishing spell **.

Ambrodzho looks like a person in a cylinder with a cane and attacks, using La Robby, a weapon that looks like an egg that creates giant furniture to attack enemies. The basic improved characteristic of Ambrose is +10 to the sum, but it loses the amount of every two levels to the sixth level. Then he receives from +1 to maximum +3 as he reaches the 60th level. This means that in his game a certain decline is observed in the middle of the game.

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