Bandai Spirits will release Kuji Splatoon 3 sequentially today.

Nintendo’s popular shooter Splatoon 3 appears in the character lottery Ichiban Kuji without loss. The centerpiece A prize has a squid octopus blanket inks, and the B prize has an alarm clock for the main theme of the same work, CLICKBAIT (DEMO Ver.).

In addition to this, there are many practical goods, including original graffiti T-shirts, squid-shaped soap dispensers, mugs where you can choose your favorite color, and rubber charms with key ring on towels designed.

In addition, the last one prize, which can be obtained by drawing the last one, has a stuffed animal of Kojake, which is outstanding presence. A double chance campaign where the BGM that flows when the remaining time is 1 minute in the Nawabari battle, a special sound clock that will win by NOW or NEVER!

The whole grade of Ichiban Kuji Splatoon 3 is as follows. In addition to 24 kinds of 7 grade, 26 items are available, the last one prize and the double chance campaign.

Ichiban Kuji Splatoon 3

■ A Award: Squid and octopus her blanket inks (2 types) Approximately 35cm

■ B Award: Nawabari Battle Sound Clock (1 type) Approximately 12cm

■ C Prize: Bankaragaffiti T-shirt (1 in total) L size (length about 69cm, width of about 48cm, sleeve length about 19cm)

■ D prize: Squid soap dispenser (1 type) Approximately 18cm

■ E Prize: Nawabari Battle Stacking Cup (4 types in total) Approximately 9cm

■ F Award: Design Towel (7 types in total) about 24-25cm

■ G prize: Rubber key holder collection (8 types) Approximately 6-8.5cm

■ Last One Award: Kojake Plush Approximately 20cm

■ Double chance campaign: Nawabari Battle Sound Clock Never Never! Ver. Total 50 pieces


Ichiban Kuji Splatoon 3 will be released today at Seven-Eleven store, Ito-Yokado store, and Nintendo Tokyo today from September 3. The price is 680 yen (tax included) one time.

In addition, in Seven-Eleven, a campaign ** where Betchu specifications will be hit by a different color of the Blanket Ink Cushion Set Award Award, will be being held until September 12.

(C) Nintendo