FIFA 23 is one of the most anticipated sports games of this year, and fans are happy to learn all about the new players’ ratings. Every year, players are assigned new ratings based on their previous statistics and seasonal performances. Naturally, players are not tolerated to find out the new ratings of the best winger in FIFA 23. We have made a list of forecasts for the best winger in FIFA 23. These ratings are not confirmed and may change after the game.

Best Winger in FIFA 23 Forecast

FIFA 23 is scheduled for September 27, 2022, and several leaks appeared that reveal the potential ratings of the players. These leaks should be treated with a share of skepticism, and they can change after the release of the game. The list below presents the forecasts of the best winger in FIFA 23, based on previous ratings, seasonal performances and leaks.

Lionel Messi heads a list of the best winger in FIFA 23 with a rating of 91. His transition to Paris Saint-Germain did not bring so many goals that the little wizard scored in Barcelona. Nevertheless, this made PSG one of the strongest world football teams with the attacker of Neymar, Mbappe and Messi. On the other hand, Mohamed Salah spent one of the best seasons in the English Premier League, and it is expected that his general rating in FIFA 23 will be 90.

Neymar Jr. is expected to decrease in the ranking and may take 89th place. In contrast, it is expected that the stunning season of Vinisius Jr. in Real Madrid will raise the general rating of the left winger to 86. The transition of Sadios Manet to FC Bayern München will become the main factor in the player’s rating in FIFA 23, and the fans may expect that the left winger will be have a general rating 90.

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