The political intrigue is increasing in House of the Dragon, now that King Viserys’s wife is dead, and the main players are revealing themselves and their intentions for the iron thr1. Even Daemon Targaryen is causing problems by seizing Dragonstone, declaring marriage to Mysaria and stealing a dragon egg for his son to be born. Is it a furtive ploy or was mysaria really pregnant in House of the Dragon?

Avex: The following article contains episode 2 spoilers of season 1 of House of the Dragon.

Was mysaria really pregnant in House of the Dragon?

No, Mysaria was not really pregnant in House of the Dragon. , since it was just a lie that Daemon said to justify her act of stealing a dragon egg. Taking into account Mysaria’s reaction to the news of her alleged pregnancy and her wedding, she was not aware of Daemon’s pranks either.

It is unlikely that she once becomes a reality because, according to Mysaria, I had a long time since I would never threaten my birth, which suggests strongly that she is unable to have children. Daemon was not aware of that fact, nor does it seem to import him, but now he placed a target on Mysaria’s back.

Compared to the book Fire & Blood, the events are developed very differently. Daemon goes to Runestone, sends Mysaria away, who is very pregnant, but loses the child in a storm while sailing back to Lys. It is that unfortunate event that creates a schism between Daemon and Viserys.

While Mysaria was not really pregnant in House of the Dragon, the advancement of episode 3 in episode 2 reveals that Alicent Hightower will be at some point in the future. If she can’t get enough House of the Dragon, she reads Game of Thrones in development.

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