The second triot of the 2022 LCK Academy series will begin recruiting participants on the 29th.

The Triout is a place where amateur players who want to join the LCK Academy team show their own skills and test possibilities. In the first Tri-Out, which was held in April, 11 players are enthusiastic about making their debut as a professional player by joining the LCK team academy.

The Tri-Out will be held in Roll Park (Jongno, Seoul) on September 24 and 25 on September 24 and 25, and consists of individual interviews with literacy, screams, solo ranks, and LCK teams. Participants are randomly teamed up, and LCK team officials watch this in real time and take the possibility of joining through individual interviews with the players. All players participating in the Tri-Out will be given a certificate and souvenirs, and the opportunity for the Roll Park Tour on the day of the event is also gained.

Applications will be available through the QR code access or the LCK Academy Series website until September 7th, and support is available only for athletes who participated in this year’s LCK Academy Series Open Tournament 4-6 times.


Among them, a total of 50 participants are selected by converting their account LPs, the number of open tournaments, grades, and age. However, a player who wants to test by the LCK team is selected separately. The final participant announcement will be announced on the homepage on September 15.

Meanwhile, the LCK Academy series is hosted by the LCK Corporation and hosted by the Korea e-Sports Association, and Nice Game TV is broadcasted by the LCK, which connects the amateur and pro as a sponsor. Amateur players who are looking for an academy team from the LCK team and amateur players who are looking for a pro participated, and this year, the LCK athlete’s training system was strengthened by introducing the Tri-Out and the Academy League system.