[PTR Park Ye-jin] Blizzard Entertainment announced on the day that it will apply ‘Diablo II: Leisure’ 2.5 patch to a PC public test server (PTR) on the 26th.


In the 2.5 patch, which can be experienced on the open test server, a new area of fear appears. According to the company, the area of fear is designed to enjoy the 99th level of the journey to reach the level 99 in a more novel way. Focusing on strength, the level and power of all monsters in the area are stronger. The experience and equipment that can be obtained by killing monsters are also given to a stronger level.

In this patch, various convenience improvements and bug modifications will be applied in addition to the area of fear.

Blizzard said, The application of the public test server is the opportunity to experience the changes that will add new things to the gameplay of Diablo II: League’s gameplay. The development team will listen to the community feedback and listen to the finals that will be applied later to the live server.