Reloading Saints Row is already here, and reviews come from outlets around the world. Everything does not look too good for those who hope to see the return of the series to the form after the problematic fourth record. In this reboot, the new saints take to the streets of Santa Yilezo, breaking through to the top of the criminal world.

What is the rating of Saints Row Reboot on Metacritic?

Saints Row launches on August 23, 2022. The reviews are not very good, with 63 points on metakritic. . Many estimates are ambiguous, but positive reviews are superior to negative ones. It currently takes 80th place among the best games for the PlayStation 5 2022.

Owner’s reviews on retail outlets

  • Game Nexus: 95
  • Gampur: 90
  • IGN Italy: 75
  • Decero: 70

* VG247: 60
* 60
* We received this coating: 60
* VGK: 40

With 42 reviews of critics, everything looks gloomy for this name. The largest complaints are associated with the number of errors, boring characters and outdated gameplay. This, of course, bothers when one of the things that are extolled above everything else is the creator of the character. Those who are not tolerant of playing something new is better to wait until the developer has the opportunity to fix the game and release it on sale.

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