Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) will add the Chuseok updateIgnation Full Moon Party‘ made with ‘BTS’ Jean to the online game ‘Maple Story’.

Chuseok update ‘Ignation Full Moon Party’, which reflects the idea of ‘BTS’ Jin, will be held until September 28. Hunting level range monsters through the monthly event ‘World Wide Handsome!’ The leap of the leap of the Karma Star Force 17-star strength (200), and the additional ‘Jin Lloyd exchange ticket’ will be provided when all the words are completed.

In addition, ‘Mike’s Mini Game Lounge!’ The event offers eight mini games, including Jin’s ‘Overnotment Jump’. When you win a mini game, you will be given a ‘full door point’ that can be exchanged for the experience of a character or higher at level 200.If you achieve various achievements by game, you can decorate it. It provides a full-door mini-game collector medal with an option.

In addition, the benefit event will be held every Sunday! Through Sunday Maple! ‘ Provide it every Sunday. If you complete the mission by day through the Fairy Key’s Special Rainbow!

Next, we will add a new area for the top 275 characters and above. ‘Audium’ is closely related to the previously updated ‘Karotte’, and a new story will be revealed with the new region update and the unexpected people in the background of ‘Audium’.

Meanwhile, Nexon released a video behind ‘Kim Seok-jin’. The video can be found in the episode of Jin’s internship, such as the participation of the meeting that was not revealed in the official video.


For more information about this update, please visit the official ‘Maple Story’ official website.