W coward is a phenomenon that takes place in the tropical forests. Also known as Marana, he corrodes the environment, destroying plant life and endangering people and wild nature. Local illness called Eleasis is especially susceptible to deterioration as the study continues to spread, and without treatment, it has become a serious problem for the inhabitants of the manner. Only those who have the power of elements can resist the effects of wilting. That’s all you need to know about how to save an ecological life to a pile.

how to remove wilting zones in a pile in Genshin Impact

W wleaning zones are areas affected by wilting. These are the dull plots of the Earth, devoid of life, sucked in that it is known as a wilting tumor that looks like a giant flower with raspberry seed at the base. It is associated with wilting branches-small but similar kidneys-which need to be destroyed before you can get rid of the heart of anomaly.

Your goal is to call the dendrogran with the nearest favorable branch, and then shoot all the kidneys of wilting branches using charged or aimed shot . When the dendrine attacks these kidneys, fading branches disappear . If not, then you are likely to be aimed incorrectly, so try again! You can determine the whereabouts of the fading branches by following the red line ** which connects the wilting tumor to the branches.

Beware decompose , which accumulates as you stay in the wilting z1. When the decomposition scale is filled, your entire group will die. You can get rid of Decay by interacting with a candle of life and stood nearby for a while. You will also sometimes find a flame of life, which are small doses of the dendro energy that you can use to reduce decay.

Around the wilting zone will appear enemies that you need to win as part of the test. In addition, fetid branches are red circles that will constantly attack you and cause decomposition accumulation, so try to avoid them nearby! As soon as all the fading branches and enemies are removed, interact with the wilting tumor to eliminate the anomaly. A small cat-scene of the cleaned area will be reproduced, indicating that wilting was completely removed.

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