The mobile gaming PC STEAM DECK released by Valve. Currently, reservations have been started in Japan, and many people want to play with the actual machine as soon as possible.

However, at the same time, some people wonder, Can you play with this work with Steam Deck? Therefore, on this site, I would like to pick up the topical works as a serialization project, and review whether it can be played with Steam Deck and can withstand practical play. The first is Stray and Monster Hunter Rise.

What is Stray?

This work will be an action adventure game. Players are separated from their families, become a stray cat who has lost their way into the unknown world, walks in a cyberpunk city and re-join the cats of the family. However, every time you walk around the city, many mysteries block the stray cat’s whereabouts, sometimes you are targeted for life.

Anyway, this work is always fascinated by the cat’s action, saying, Cats are cute and Cat-like action can be d1. In addition, the unique atmosphere of Cyberpunk is also very combined, not only a game that loves cats, but also a solid immersive feeling to the player.

The compatibility of this work in Steam Deck is confirmed.

Joy of carrying cat components

By the way, it is the impression that STRAY was played on STEAM DECK, but to be clear, the compatibility with Steam Deck is outstanding. Since there are not so many buttons to operate, you can play intuitively with Steam Deck.

You can also feel the atmosphere with the speaker from Steam Deck, and sometimes you can feel the eerie with your ears.

There is almost nothing to say about image quality and movement. FPS drops in places where there are many paintings on the screen, but the acceptable range. If you just look at the cat, you will be able to love it with more than enough beautiful image quality.

The default setting is about 50%for battery consumption. Because there is an action element, there are places where I do not want to lower the FPS and refresh rate, so it is annoying. Because the whole game has a dark atmosphere, lowering the light on the monitor will make it more invisible, so there may be frustration that cannot be changed around that area.

However, except for that, it can be said that this work is definitely guaranteed the best game experience in this work. You can feel the joy of carrying cat components anywhere.

What is Monster Hunter Rise?

Next is Monster Hunter Rise. This work will be the latest work of Monster Hunter Series. Players become one of the hunters, and become an action game in which the monsters that become threats to villages and others are subjugated.

Currently, the large DLC Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break has also been released, and the fact that up to four people can play cooperatives through the network, the hunters are continuing to hunt the approaching monsters every day. Yes.

The compatibility of Steam Deck in this work is playable (normal play is possible, but may be restricted in some parts).

overwhelming comfort

By the way, it is an impression of playing Monster Hunter Rise on Steam Deck, but it is overwhelmingly comfortable. It’s so good in all aspects.

First, load time. The switch takes about 10 seconds from the start of the game and selecting the data to the actual operation, while the Steam Deck is 1-2 seconds. There is also a difference of the start of quests. It moves almost seamlessly, so there is no stress on the road waiting time.

And image quality. With the default setting, it moves about twice as smooth as the switch. It is surprising that this can be played in a mobile game. In the Monster Hunter Series, it is very important to determine the movement of the monster and attack, so it is a great advantage that you can see the image quality and movement clearly.

On the other hand, the feeling of the R2 button is a little difficult. In this work, the hunter can be moved endlessly by using something called Shokushi, but the operation of the index finger when pressing the R2 button was slightly large, and there were times when it was struggling to operate. This is the same for the L1 button. I used a light bow gun, and I felt a little uncomfortable when I pressed the L1 button to switch the type of ammunition. If you play for a few hours, you will lose your sense of incongruity, but at first many people may be confused.

The battery consumption is about 55%for the default setting. I don’t have 2 hours, so the way I play a few quests before going to bed may be the best. Because the action element is stronger than Stray, it is difficult to lower the FPS or fresh rate.

I want you to experience both ## both works

Although the two works introduced this time, both were very wonderful game experiences with Steam Deck. Definitely two works that you can not let go when playing with Steam Deck. I’m just afraid that the battery is out of the battery because it’s too enthusiastic, so be careful with it.

In this review, I was able to recognize that the potential of Steam Deck was very high for the intense action games. I think it’s a very good device again. Please experience when Steam Deck comes to you. I think you will feel the possibility of a new mobile game console.