The Sims 3 were so good that even with the launch of the Sims 4 in the world, players from all over the world continue to return to the beloved game. That means that modifications are essential for experience, since es an older game at this point and many of the basic characteristics may seem obsolete. Fortunately, the Simsmodding community is absolutely huge. Here are a lot of best Sims 3 mods to download from 2022 than you Necessitar if you are going to continue playing this incredible classic.

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First, definitely consider Overwatch

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

You don’t even need to admit that your game is slow. Of all The Sims 3 became slow at one time or another and became practically impossible to play. Greet your Savior, Overwatch. Overwatch has many uses, but it is mainly a way to clean your game every night. You would be surprised to know how many Sims they can get stuck and make your delay crazy to handle every day of Sim. It is automatic and can really relieve the stress of your game. You can turn off all televisions, turn off the stereos, restore lost sims, restore everything that is stuck, clean the dead (spooky), clean inventories and much more than guarantee less delay. Thanks Overwatch for cleaning the EA disaster!

You can never go back after this modification

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Story Progression has ruined all simulation players who have installed it. No one can return to the vanilla game after installing this mod. It can become annoying as constant messages appear that inform you about the new progressions of history, but can turn them off. This takes the progression of the history of the base game and puts it in steroids, making the original look like peanut. The Sims will continue with their lives, marrying, breaking, falling in love, changing work, having babies, buying houses, literally everything.

Kamasutra, someone?

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

The mod Woohooer has everything for your horny sims! You can have Cyber Woohoo, request professional services, send a text message Wooooey, register like a gigoló, see a marriage manager to find love, find you in public and have a new risk that has a percentage of possibilities of Getting your pregnant Sim that last really changes the game and it is the main reason to want to get it. Add a great lucky game every time you want your sims to do it. Ah, and your Sims can increase their woohoo ability and improve more and more.

Obtain more functions at the same time!

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Did you ever create a SIM and have a crisis when trying to decide what features to put aside and which ones to include? With the mod more features for all ages, it can increase the maximum allowed features at each age, which gives its sim some crazy impulses to the personality of it. This allows Sims much more intricate and you will not be able to return to vanilla after this. Why Debería Your Sim will be restricted to a couple of features?

Did you know that different poses are possible?

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Here is something that will surprise you if you have not been up to date with the Modding scene during The Sims 3: There are poses now. Yes, you can complete your Miley Cyrus simulation by giving you a twerking pose. O Intensifies your pregnant Sim’s position game with some pregnancy poses. Or maybe you have a model?

Did you ever feel that the Sims were strangely distant on a sofa? Have you ever wanted your sims to dance formally? Or, if your Sims are married, they can make some super cute marriage poses. How about a packet of poses that you never knew you wanted?

Anyway, you can see a lot of poses more here. The possibilities are endless.


Obtain some modern house designs without work

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Of course, I could opt for any home design that you choose because there has definitely there has been some modder somewhere that has done it. But, to be specific, here are some beautiful modern designs that might interest you:

  • Little Modern Beach House
  • A small modern house
  • Modern house next to the cliff
  • luxury-modern
  • Modern northeastern house of Blukompressor
  • Modern Singleton

Some modder has added an incredible amount of SIM interactions

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Do you want some more passionate and romantic options? How about a bit of violence and aggression? Or maybe uncomfortable and humiliating interactions? The list continues and continues and, although they are not as fluid as the interactions that EA made, they are quite good. It’s great of what Mods are capable and, especially if you are a role-playing player, you will want these mods.

Make your Sims Cults

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

This Japanese cultural trait mod adds exactly that, a hidden feature that can be improved. It gives your Sims a little culture and leveling the feature allows your sim to make a bow when he presents himself, as well as sitting in the style seiza. It is still working on it, but it is very promising and it is something that should probably have already been included in The Sims 3 with Saventuras del Mundo.

more computer options!

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

To completely decorate the online experience of your SIM on your smartphones, computers or tablets, download the mod center online. It will unlock a lot of new configurations ranging from electronic purchases to the verification of state reports on a variety of things.

Have you ever found yourself thinking about everything you can learn with the help of Google and Wikipedia? Well, now your Sims can study skills as easily as you with the Mod Study Skills online. Simply place your SIM on a PC, tablet or smartphone and start studying.

Complete your fun sim dreams

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Do you have a SIM that wants to succeed as a comedy writer? Maybe they spend all the time dreaming of being a legend of the stand-up? Well, the Mod Stand Up Comedy very specific will allow your SIM to do that precisely. This mod adds a skill-based career, the necessary skill and a microphone that allows Sims to count a large number of comedy jokes or routines. I like The Sims 4 Included!

Taxis and meters

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

What is the true point of buying a car in The Sims 3 apart from the role of roles game? With Taxi Charge Mod and Subway Charge Mod, there is actually an incentive to get a car now.

The charges will accumulate as they charge you every time you go anywhere and you will realize how rich are the sims. They act as if they had all the money in the world to spend, taking taxis to cross the street.

Apartments !!!

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Did you ever want to live a situation comedy scenario with your Sims? With the mod ts3 apartment, you can have several families living in a lot, but you don’t have to control them all. Configure a large house and basically has the functionality of living in a bedroom from the beginning.University Vida_ Expanding within Sunset Valley.

Make your sims really sick

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

The Sims cannot get sick to The Sims 3: stations was an annoyance, so this modder broke the modery and dramatitis mod of diseases. While who has estations can make your Sim nurse, they will definitely not see dysentery and dramatitis as a possibility. Finally, you can play roleThe Oregon route! _

Growth while aging is now one thing

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

The Sims are rare with their sudden growth outbreaks throughout their lives. With the Mod Grow, they will gradually change high, weight and voice as they grow.

Minimum salary

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Do you want a little challenge in the acquisition of money? Do you like realism in your Sims 3? Well, this mod causes the initial payment of all works to be $ 8 or less depending and increases all hours. Increases will also be only an increase of 0.04%. There are a lot of changes to pay that brings this mod, so be sure to check them all to make sure it works for you.

Look Fleek

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

The Sims 3 have perhaps, like, three great haircuts. Make sure your Sims are always fresh to death with a variety of hair modifications.

You will no longer be limited to shaved or super extravagant hairstyles. Maybe you prefer to make Macklemore? Maybe you want Beyonce’s new hair? The choice is yours and, thanks to the modifications, the sky is the limit.

My God, a short metal fabric fence

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Do not act as if this mod was not much. The fences in the Sims 3 are so crucial for our beautiful decoration, but do not always combine correctly. This is entirely due to the fact that they are often much higher than the things that surround them. Of course, you may have some options for the shortest fences, but this is your first opportunity to get a short wire fence.

For fans of the Sims morbid

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Looking for a beautiful, modern _Cemetery?Something in which your sims will be happy to be completely buried? Well, don’t look beyond the Cemeteries of Simsgal227! Here has a modern cemetery that you can draw somewhere in your city.

There is also a huge modern cemetery in case you are killing a lot of people. They look beautiful, so you shouldn’t be. _Is also scared by ghosts.

Animation fans, join!

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

This mod will allow your Sims to let their anime flag fly adding a channel for animation. All the clips that are shown are from Spirited Away and Porco Rosso de Hayao Miyazaki.

This adds a new level so that your Sims can enter the anime and allow that type of roles game. They will fill their entertainment as usual, and you can also see a beautiful anime while you look at them!

fix that faster car!

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Do you know that classic car to fix what you get from Roaring Heights? If you don’t, you really should, since it’s amazing. Your Sims can basically work with a lot of scrap and turn it into a unique car at the end of everything. Perfect for vehicle-love sims in your life. Anyway, this mod makes the whole process a little faster so you can take your Sims to that great car in a very short time.


The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Are your sims complete pigs? Do you hate absolutely share? Well, then these two modifications will definitely be for you. With the door of the private room (with a key), you can buy and place a door that will not allow anyone to enter the room, except the sim that has the corresponding key. Keep your family’s relics safe from thieves. In addition, take this closed treasure chest that works in the same way as the door to make a portable solution to your hoarding needs.

Magnate of the factory

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Did you ever want a clandestine workshop? Are you sick. This mod will really not help you with that, sick. But it will allow you to hire a factory service worker who will make devices and gadgets in abundance for you. The devices they…