Versus boards is a new version of the Fortnite function beloved by fans. They offer a way to revive the already tense game process of the royal battle and allow the players to demonstrate their combat skill in the thick of the battle. So equip this favorite equipment, give the bus to the bus driver and stop.


How to use Versus Boards in Fortnite

Versus boards is a type of Bounty Boars. When the player interacts with the Versus Board board, he will be put in the queue where each player must find and eliminate the other within five minutes. Each player will be marked on the map in relation to each other, so make sure that you are ready when you choose this new mode. Please note that this is a strictly 1 on 1 system during a familiar royal battle.

against the boards

Versus Boars has currently replaced Bounty Boards, and they can be found where Bounty Boars used to be. Of course, Pro Game Guides contains a complete list of award boards.

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