The National Veterans Affairs Department will hold a significant game campaign ‘Aloha Independent RUN’ for the 77th Anniversary Liberation Day.

Aloha Independent Run, which began on the 11th, is a donation campaign that the National Veterans Affairs Department started with LG Uplus. LG U Plus will be prepared for 815 won per person who played a special game, and the donation will be used for the descendants of independence activists.

The game itself is simple. Web-based running games are implemented and touched by touching them to experience in both PCs and smartphones, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Instead, they gathered independence funds in Hawaii and assigned elements to draw the time and efforts of independence activists who devoted their country for independence.

The background of the game was depicted as a sugar cane farm where Koreans worked to raise independence funds and local churches where organizations were organized for the old movement. Independence movement funds, as well as a pile of sugar cane to continue their livelihoods, and thorns that symbolize fundraising and delivery, which were not as easy as thorn fields, appear as obstacles. The insignia medium sold by the Hawaii Korean Women’s Association was drawn with the desire of the independence of the country, and it was drawn to speed up like a booster and not be affected by obstacles.

In addition, after a simple game, it was possible to create and share independence activists.

Koreans who migrated to Hawaii as immigrant workers at sugar cane work had to endure hard labor, which was not given proper breaks. However, when they heard that they were deprived of national sovereignty, they spent the independence of their homeland by splitting their living expenses in the Mt. In addition, the newspaper was published to convey the belief in Korea’s independence to the second generation, and in 1919, the Korean Women’s Association, an independence movement organization in Hawaii, was established, and the sponsorship of Korean women’s independence movement was activated. did.

Earlier, the National Veterans Affairs Department said, It is a campaign for the descendants of independence activists who have lived as an immigrant worker at Hawaii Sugar Sorghum Farm for the 120th anniversary of the Korean American immigration. In addition, Park Min-sik, the head of the National Veterans Affairs Department, said, I was able to win the country’s independence because of the earnest desire and unhesed dedication of the seniors.

The independence activist support campaign will be held until the 17th.