Horror Game Freddie’s Pizza Series, which once recorded a worldwide hit through the unique setting of watching Animatronics all night at a pizza shop, and JumpScare. It was reported that Freddie’s pizza shop, which announced the beginning, was remakeed under the name of ‘Freddie’s Pizza Shop Plus’.

At the Freddie’s Pizza Shop Plus, the player, like the original, must be a night security guard at the pizza shop and survives the Animatronics, which is attacked at night. He said he survived, but that doesn’t mean he fights against Annie Matronics. All the players do are to monitor Animatronics. As you change the CCTV channel, you should check the location of Animatronics such as Freddie, Bonnie, and Chika, turn on the lights or lock the automatic door to prevent Animatronics from approaching. At first glance, one thing. As power is limited, you may lose your life by a moment of mistake.

The basic game system is Freddie’s Pizza Shop Plus, which is similar to the original, but it’s not just graphics. As you can see from the remake, it is newly created by visuals, character design, survival mechanism and camera animation. In addition, as new interpretations and secrets of the original story are hidden, it is expected to provide a different fun for both gamers and gamers who enjoyed the original series.

Interestingly, this remake is not developed by the original author, Scott Cawthon. The developer of Freddie’s Pizza Shop Plus was developed as a fan-made with Philip Morgan, a long-time fan of the series.

The release date of Freddie’s Pizza Shop Plus is undecided. The support language is only English, and other details can be found on the Steam page.