There are a bunch of quests you will face on your journey through Tower of Fantasy. As chapter 1 of the game, you begin to receive side quests and missions. But most of them about the pursuit of someone or the murder of enemies. However, there is one side mission or quest that requires you to solve the riddle. For this specific side mission and a response to the riddles of Lolita, we prepared this guide to the tower of fantasies.

where to find Lolita

You must look for Vivian in the echo ring. After communicating with Vivian, she will tell you that Lolita is a girl who asks questions. She notes that a very limited number of people can correctly answer her question.

Now follow the quest marker to get to Lolita. Right along the bay of the river and behind the walls you will find Lolita. Now talk to her, and she will begin to ask questions.

Fantasy Tower Lolita solves riddles

The questions are not too complicated. They talk about the history of the game that you have experienced so far, so they will not interfere. She will ask questions, but if you answer incorrectly, she will begin the process first.

In any case, if you still find it difficult to answer them, we gave answers below:

Q1: What is the name of the comet, which the Prism project intends to create?

answer: comet, Mara.

Q2: Which organization is attributed to the invention of mufflers?

Answer: hyicos.

Q3: Do you know what is happening with ordinary people if they lose their suppressors?

Answer: They will turn into Aberrants.

Q4: There are two types of Omnium towers in the world: those who send Omnium and those who receive it. So, you know what Omnium tower is sending?


answer: Tower of fantasy.

B5: How many tower is Omnium in the world?

answer: five.