Need to fill your pockets quickly? We have many methods that you can try, some of them are safer than others. Try it if you urgently need money to keep afloat in the Two Point campus.

The best ways to quickly make money in Two Point campus

Sell artifacts of archeology

Archeology is a treasure in managing a campus. Students who pay you for classes will find valuable artifacts for free. You can sell these items for a penny that can sometimes exceed $ 10,000. Be sure to carefully follow the finds of your archaeologists.

Sell unused objects and decor

There will probably be additional objects in your campus. For example, you start with a simple registration rack in the library. As you pass, you can unlock a large and better registration stand. Make sure you are selling unnecessary and unused objects, otherwise you miss the opportunities for trifles.

Take a loan

Taking a loan is not necessarily a strategy that we promote, but technically this is the best way to quickly get money. The compromise, of course, is that you must return quite a lot of money. Remember that the game moves fast, so your loan will be repaid before you find out. Thinking your situation thoroughly before choosing this method.

How to get more money from students and employees in Two Point campus

occurs with commissions and salaries

Try to find out how much your class and staff salary costs. Try to experiment with raising payment for students and selecting low-paid employees. This can be achieved through high-quality education and satisfaction of students, but this is an effective short-term solution.

Place paid cars

In your catalog you can find products such as trading machines, arcade games and much more. As you pass the game, you can unlock more using Kudosh. These machines have the main advantage in satisfying the needs of students and employees, but they also bring you money. Paid cars in campus are a great way to quickly get money, but be careful with the consequences of health and hygiene that they cause.

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