Launched in 1999 and pioneering the nonlinear open world genre, the outcast will come to the sequel to 20 years.

‘Outcast 2’, developed by appeal studio and distributed by THQ Nordic, is a game that is being developed once again by the crew who developed one episode. Therefore, if you have enjoyed the previous work, it is a new sequel that will be released for a long time, but you can feel quite familiar.


The game becomes the main character slade cutter and contains a grand story, which is centered on exotic lands. Adelpa is reborn by Yodsin and has a world that is slavery, a world that destroys resource harvesting, and a robot army invading Adelpa, and players must be the envoys of the Yods and save everyone from the crisis of the planet..

The vast Adelpa world has been implemented as an open world, and players can freely explore the jet pack to fly or revitalize the air. In the process of exploration, you can combine multiple modules to create your own weapons, and it is possible to tell your own story in a nonlinear world.

‘Outcast 2’, which supports Korean, can be enjoyed on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S platform, and the scheduled date is still undecided. More information about the game can be found on the Steam page.