Riot Games confirmed the return of the technochemical dragon to League of Legends in the next season 13. A situation that gave rise to some justified panic among the community. The one that is one of the most hated elements in the history of the game returns to the invorator crack. However, developers have rushed to make sure there is no worrying. From the company they are more than aware of their mistake and do not plan to repeat it for the next season. In this sense, they have wanted to advance the effects of epic stemor so that we see that nothing has to do with the previous one.

The new technochymal dragon of season 13

The first thing they have wanted to ensure from Riot Games is that ended that reviving in the middle of the games thanks to the improvement offered by the dragon. The developers were clear that what they most hated from that epic monster was both the soul and the land that generated in the invoker’s crack and that is where they have focused their efforts. The new version of the neutral objective will continue to have an interesting impact on the games, but not in such a problematic way.

TECNOCHEMICAL DRAGON SOUL *: It will grant additional damage to the enemies and reduce incoming damage when the champion who has this improvement is below a certain amount of life.
TECNOCHEMISTRY GRIET *: It will improve plants so that they have additional effects. The fortune teller will have a greater area of effect and will offer an improvement of movement speed by moving towards the revealed characters. The explosive pineapple will be able to transport us much further.

So far, The possible changes have not been revealed what each of the loads of the technochemical dragon prior to the soul will offer. Before its elimination, this goal offered all League of Legends champions additional damage against all enemies that had more life than them. It may be modified in some way. At least it will do so in the values offered, since since Riot Games they have carried out an improvement to these neutral objectives to make them more important and increase the action of the items.