A new set of weekly Fortnite challenges has arrived, and this time, players have the task of planting a reality Sapping reality at 30 or more meters from its location. Although the mission explains for itself, many players may have difficulty completing it, since Fortnite’s trajectory hardly allows you to throw objects at that distance. That said, we guide it through the easiest way of plant a reality off 30 or more meters from you in Fortnite.

Where to find reality saving at Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

Image Source: Fortnite.gg

Before moving forward, it is essential to know where you can find reality saving, especially if you are a rookie. Previously, reality saving was found in reality Falls and Greasy Grove. At the time of writing, you can find in the following locations in Fortnite:

  • Atasco lotus
  • North of Sleepy Sound
  • East of the Rave Cave
  • Near changing axes
  • Falls of reality
  • South of the towers entitled
  • Between Rocky Reels and Synapse Station


You can also take a look at the image above to know the exact location of reality saving in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

How to plant a reality off 30 or more meters away in Fortnite

Image source: epic games

We recommend completing this task in the Fortnite construction mode, since it is quite easy to gain enough altitude building structures. Once you are in the game, it collects a reality show of the locations mentioned above and cultivates some materials.

Then, build a ramp of 5 to 6 blocks and stop on top of it. Then, equipe the reality saving of your inventory and hold the left button while pointing to the sky. Finally, release the mouse button, and the reality saving must be planted 30 or more meters from its location. After completing the task, you will be rewarded with 15,000 xp that can be used to unlock the cosmetic items of the battle pass this season.

Before leaving, be sure to review the rest of the challenges of Fortnite week 9:

  • Win shield while exciting (0/1)
  • Inflicts opponents as you ride a wolf or a wild boar (0/500)

  • Collect Reality Seed Pods seeds before they stop bouncing (0/3)
  • Plant or invoke a reality off 30 or more meters from you (0/1)
  • Open chests in Titled Towers in a single game (0/3)
  • Bounces in three separate crash pads without landing (0/1)
  • Hold a load subfusil with the maximum load for three seconds, then damages an opponent (0/1)

There you have it. That is all you need to know about ** Plant a reality Sapping in 30 or more meters from you in Fortnite.

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