Yoimiya is a 5-star pyro-DPS that concentrates on creating massive damage by utilizing your essential capability Niwabi Fire Dance, which strengthens your normal assaults as well as allows you to create pyro damages. She is additionally able to reinforce her team-mate’s overall damage by executing her Elemental Ruptured, Ryuukin Saxi concern, which not just raises her total ATK, yet likewise notes opponents and hence every time a team-mate assaults, AoE-Pyro damage triggered. Her skills all concentrate on raising the total damages from her and also her team, that makes them a strong choice for element-oriented and also reaction-oriented make-ups.

Yoimiya is one of the most effective pyro-DPS in Gensin impact, thanks to their capacity to trigger massive elementary damage, and their intuitive gameplay. However is Yoimiya the right personality for you? To address this as well as a lot more, there is a quick overview of Yoimiya as well as the scenarios in which drawing is recommended for you.

about Yoimiya

Against this history, Yoimiya beams when she is matched with hydro personalities, particularly with sub-DPS outside the area, such as Xingqiu and also Yelan, considering that they allow it not just to activate vaporize, but likewise permit the players to take complete benefit of their tools As well as his enthusiasts.

Genshin Effect: Is it worth drawing Yoimiya?


It is also crucial to point out that it is not suggested to pull for you throughout variation 2.8 of the game, unless you have sufficient sources that you can invest throughout the upcoming versions of the video game, as it is highly advised, To save their resources for Sumeru.

Since you understand whether Yoimiya is the right character for you or not, don’t forget to take a look at a Yoimiya DPS-Build that will certainly open the battleground in flames.

In conclusion, yes, Yoimiya is a wonderful figure with the ability to play your created duty exceptionally well, along with one that has the ability to match a range of compositions. In addition to that, we only suggest meta-technically to draw for you if you either have a cryo or hydro-offensive-sub-DPS or need an excellent pyro DPS.

Genshin result is currently readily available for computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and also mobile devices-Android as well as iOS. Version 3.0 (2.9) of the game should show up in much less than 16 days, mid-August 2022.