An indie studio Alderon Games announced on July 22 that the Path of Titans console version of the console will begin on July 27 local time. The distribution platform is PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Path of Titans is an open world dinosaur sandbox MMO game. In this work, the player becomes a dinosaur and descends in an untouched natural and vast field. Then, with the imagination and curiosity, they enjoy exploring and hunting and conducting adventures. In addition, a character customization element for changing the skin is implemented. You can also enjoy roll play that becomes your favorite dinosaur and walks around nature.

More than 25 kinds of dinosaurs appear in this work, each with unique characteristics and skills. This work is also equipped with cooperation with friends and strangers as MMO. There seems to be a PVP element that fights fierce battles between dinosaurs. In addition, RPG elements such as skill slots upgrades and quest systems are included. It is said that there are elements that adventure with a dinosaur baby and grow to survive al1. Set on the earth hundreds of years ago, it is a unique MMO work that lives as a dinosaur.

Path of Titans is a title that has been expanding content steadily before this beta. This is because around 2019, we recruited supporters at crowdfunding site indieGogo to achieve support targets. Ultimately, the whole stretch goal has been achieved, and the amount of support is 93,777 Australian dollars (about 8.83 million yen). Prior to the console version, the demonstration version has been released for PC (its own launcher) and Android/iOS. Under such circumstances, the addition of elements and brushing up, and this time, the console version will be developed.

This work also supports cross-platform play between PC/mobile/console. Regarding the price form, the PC/Mobile version sells the full access right in the official website in return for crowdfunding support. On the other hand, it is somewhat unclear what the price of the console version will be. Like the platform version, it may be a form of gaining full access through support.

The Path of Titans console version of the beta test will start on July 27 local time. The distribution platform is PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. This work will be released this summer Nintendo Switch version. In addition, the version released in advance supports some Japanese display. It seems that you can play in Japanese in the console version.