There are video games that are eternal . Not so much because they have an infinite duration, but because it is the creativity of the players that has no limits, allowing them to get a much longer validity than that of conventional titles. What you may not have seen on many occasions is that two video games of this style collide in an unexpected collaboration.

We are talking about a great acquaintance of this website such as League of Legends, but also of a small great jewel of 2008 such as Spore . This Maxis and Electronic Arts video game is connected to Riot Games Moba thanks to the creation of Kassadin as a new species in this picturesque evolutionary simulator.

Kassadin is the following evolutionary link

For those who walk a little clueless, Spore is a video game that takes us from the unicellular stage to the conquest of exterior space by some beings to which we will model with our actions. But in addition to this, it is a powerful editor with which we can create tremendously complex characters.

The upper video was created by the YouTube channel Frenzyspore , a user who is dedicated to creating all kinds of things in the EA video game. Thanks to the editor and its deep knowledge of it, he was able to carry out his creation. A fully functional Kassadin within Spore .

The thing does not stay there, since it was also proposed to elaborate a kind of invoker crack, placing defensive structures that serve from turrets, and a kind of subjects. To do, he even created a tentacular monster in the style Vel’koz , which faces Kassadin in the final part of the video. Such is the effort to recreate the champion, who even seeks to put animations similar to his champion’s skills and his movements in League of Legends.