Genshin Impact is full of important decisions that players can make throughout their stay in Tayvat. A lot of time can be spent on what players can regret later when they find themselves at a higher level. Spending the mora on irregular things or throwing resources on artifacts that are out of time-these are just some examples of the mistakes that players can make. These are one of the biggest errors that should be avoided in Genshin Impact.

6 of the main errors that should be avoided in Genshin Impact

New players can make more than a few mistakes playing Genshin Impact. Players often experience the largest regrets in the earliest parts of the game. Passing the game, players will receive new characters, resin and many fates. However, if they are not careful, they can underdevelop the tools that the game gave them.

Effective use of resin in Genshin Impact

resin is necessary to collect the most important resources in Genshin Impact. At the beginning of the game, resin can only be used for only a few key things. Foods of power lines are unlocked after the players achieve Adventures Ranni 8 for Revelation flowers and Adventures Ranni 12 for Wealth flowers . Many players do not understand that the resin is replenished over time, and, without using the resin, they lose. Mora and also character experience such materials as the wit of the hero .

In addition, domains there will be rewards for updating weapons, talents and give players artifacts . The earliest unlocked domain: Cecilia Garden and can be available in adventure 16 rank . The completion of the domain rewards the players Materials for the ascension of weapons which can then be used to improve their weapons.

Updating bad artifacts and weapons in Genshin Impact

Without special knowledge that it works good or even well for their favorite characters, players can risk updating something that will ultimately outline. The first set artifacts and weapons will come from chests found in the study of the game, and many of 1 and 2 stars objects quickly lose their value. Weapons received from expenses fate will always be 3 stars or higher, which gives them much more value.

In the beginning, the damage that comes from reaction and free characters to which players get access will hold them far enough in the game. After , the world level increases, players can still reduce the difficulty until they reach a sufficiently high level to get 5-star artifacts . Most of the game is uncomplicated while players can remain at the top of the level of their characters, raising them and using a good team.

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throwing items into Genshin Impact

Almost every resource that players can collect in Genshin Impact has application. philano mushrooms and dandelion seeds two materials that free characters barbara and traveler are required for ascension, but also required for several other characters. 5 Stars Character Kli The same mushrooms are required, therefore, even if the players raised Barbara to a high level, mushrooms of philanthora should never be thrown away.

In other areas, you can collect many other resources that can be used for characters that they have not yet unlocked. Liue characters need many resources, local for the region, and therefore, since players do not use the subject when they receive it, they can later unlock the character, who may need it. Other items can be used to create materials to improve weapons, use them as ingredients for cooking and even eating. Parametric converter .

I don’t understand how Elemental Mastery works at Genshin Impact

Mechanics reaction and their attitude to elemental skill is explained in the game, but there are some things that the game does not directly speak to the players. The misunderstanding that the Elemental Damage is exclusively from Elemental Mastery is what many players can believe in. Although this is partly true, the skill of the elements is connected only with reaction damage and strength ge characters shields .

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Because of this misunderstanding, many players can artifacts on their characters, who actually do nothing to them. If the players are not reaction by switching characters using explosions of the elements that remain on the battlefield, the skill of the elements will not increase the damage caused. The skill of the elements is very important in many teams of teams, but players should make sure that they understand the mechanics standing behind him before they begin to invest in it. The chance of a critical blow for them overload teams.

too early unlocking characters in Genshin Impact

Although this is not necessarily a mistake, many players fall into a trap, first getting into Genshin Impact. Desiring for regional character. Wanting Lihua or Inadzum of the character when starting the game means that players will have to go through the story before they can increase the level of these characters. Materials for the ascension of the characters of Liue will fall out of the boss located in Liua, and their talents can be improved only by completing the domain in the same place.

Pimer characters will demand from the players to go through the story of each region that came out earlier, which makes quite a lot of time to bring these characters to the face value. An increase in the level of several characters at once can deplete many of their resources with the players and encounter problems related to the need to play with the characters that they do not like in their team in order to pass the content of a higher level.

Raising the level of characters in Genshin Impact

Improving the character level to 90 takes some time and requires a lot of effort. Many Genshin Impact players do not know that many characters do not need additional characteristics from Ascenting. Ascension bonus from 80 to 90 is often not as significant as other levels, and only certain characters really need these additional characteristics. ANEMO characters, in particular, most of all from increasing the level of up to 90, as well as several other key characters.

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