TEAM17 announced that it will be released in late 2022 for PC (Steam)/overseas PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch, which will be released in late 2022, a PC (Steam)/overseas PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. Did.


This work is a belt roll-type rogue light action that allows us to cooperate/play against a maximum of four people. The elementic fantasy arcade games combine the elements of perm death and rogue lights, exploring dungeons, defeating enemies and bosses, and grabbing valuable items, money, and equipment. Players can choose from agile bandits, brave warriors, unusual wizards, and strong Amazones, each of which has its own skills and abilities, such as powerful combo techniques, Parry and avoidance. In addition to occupation selection, skills tree that corresponds to each attribute of chaos, order, darkness, and life can be enhanced and given special abilities.

There are a wide variety of game modes such as Adventure Mode, which challenges various terrain dungeons and bosses, Large Mode, which kills enemies that are attacking one after another in cooperation with friends, and arena-based team PVPs. You can play online or offline with up to 4.

The dungeon search rogue light ACT Bravers and Green, which can cooperate with up to 4 people/play play, is compatible with Japanese, and will be released in the latter half of 2022 for PC (Steam)/overseas PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch is.