The Indie Craft Operation Secretariat announced on the 27th that the One Store will participate as 2022 indie craft sponsors.

2022 A target for domestic TOP50 developers who participated in the indicraft online exhibition ▲ Core gamers’ game testing program ‘One Store Beta Crab Zone’ unlimited participation benefits ▲ One store pre-reservation zone or promotional opportunity through the indie game zone of this month ▲ User It supports the one-store coupon promotion that can be used.

One Store is supporting continuous support and exchange with indie game developers through the sponsorship of 2022 Indie Craft Event, and will provide various support programs in the future to promote indie game development. We are trying to provide more small and medium-sized introductions to receive practical benefits by providing a 50% reduction policy.

Meanwhile, the Indie Craft Operation Secretariat decided to extend the online virtual game show exhibition scheduled for the 29th to the Gamescom 2022 on August 29. In addition, during the European Game Show Gamescom 2022, the local IndieCraft Joint Office will directly promote the Meta Bus Virtual Game Show to European gamers and industry officials.


The 2022 Indie Craft The FESTA Online Virtual Game Show, which is extended until August 29, 2022, can be accessed through the Indie Craft platform developer Dito Land homepage.

For other inquiries, contact the IndieCraft Operating Office ([email protected]) or indie craft discode.