The community has actually not taken long to mention what would certainly have been the official verification of cooperation, however Naka has continued its thread of tweet with a remark that rejects all speculation. The developer of Sonic is withdrawing and states that his words referred to a recent Tiktok video in which is observed to the hedgehog dancing to the rhythm of Michael Jackson .

The music of Sonic 3 has transformed, although Sega Official makes use of the songs of Michael Jackson Yuji Naka It was anticipated that the maker of heaven hedgehogo, Yuji Naka , knew the enigma bordering the Third delivery of Sonic. As well as, although he has not confirmed his engagement in the game, certainly he has set fire to the connect with a single tweet in which he discusses adjustments in the music of Sonic Origins, the recent collection of the retro experiences of the family pet: Oh God Mine, the music of Sonic 3 has actually changed, although Sega Authorities uses Michael Jackson’s songs .


It is normal for a great handful of anecdotes, interests and also information that would intrigue any type of follower, and also Sonic are not excluded from it. Certainly, one of the biggest urban legends of the brand is connected to the music of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which can have been made up of the really Michael Jackson . Because, although numerous resources talked concerning this opportunity, Sega states that he has never made use of tunes produced by the King of Pop.

In this way, SEGA still does not confirm a reality that was commented also by among the partners of the King of Pop. Anyhow, Yuji Naka is not incorrect, because the distribution of Sonic 3 that is within the compilation of Sonic Origins offers A somewhat different BSO from the original, something that the animal’s developer quickly observed.