Two years have passed since the launch of Ghost of Tsushima , and many wonder what will be the next great step for Sucker Punch, the PlayStation study that this adventure gave us. Although the year came the expansion of Iki Island, fans are still waiting for some type of information related to a direct sequel. Now, A recent job application indicates that ghost of tsushima 2 is already in development.

Recently, Sukcer Punch shared two job requests, one for technical combat designer, and another for senior combat designer. The interesting thing, is that in the two vacancies there is talk of an open world AAA with stealth and melee action.

Although for the moment there is no official information, multiple work requests by Sucker Punch refer to the development of ghost of tsushima 2. However, At the moment there is no guarantee that this is the case . The studio could well be working in another game. At the end of the day, talking about an open world AAA with a melee fight is a fairly large concept.

In related issues, ghost of tsushima you will no longer receive more updates. Similarly, there is already a screenwriter for the movie of this game.

Editor’s note:

While I would love to see a second part of ghost of tsushima, I am also open to which Sucker Punch presents another original project, although the same bases of his most recent work are used.