In our guide to the Hydra patchwork and to the sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal, you can find out:

  • Where you can find the two bosses
  • What requirements you have to meet
  • How you summon them

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Zoltun Kulls Archive in Diablo Immortal: Home of Golem and Hydra

In the depths of Zoltun Kulls Archives, not only abysmal secrets are waiting for you, but also two world bosses: the Flickwerk-Hydra and the sandstone golem . Both are creations of the insane magician and are waiting to be summoned by you.

However, you have to meet two prerequisites for summoning the world bosses **: Your character must have reached level 60 and at least on the difficulty level of hell 1.

how and where do I conjure up the sandstone golem and the patchwork hydra?

Arrived in Zoltun Kull’s archives, you will receive a side task: You should find five missing pages **. Only with these can you summon the bosses and tap their loot.

The pages spawn by chance in the archives and are hard to miss because they shine gold. As soon as you have collected five pages, you will get the portal folios, which grants you access to Kulls hidden chambers . If you have collected five pages for the first time, you will receive a detailed explanation of the chambers.

With the help of the portal film, you can conjure up either the Hydra or the Golem. Or you will find the way to a hidden treasury, a mini-dungeon. If the Hydra or the Golem appear, you have to reach the area of the respective boss within ** for two minutes. Use the waypoints to move to the boss area as quickly as possible. We marked the locations for you on the map:

Also avoids fighting against the patchwork hydra or sandstone golem alone-the both world bosses have a lot of life points and divide properly. It is best to start with a larger group.

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