Developer Auroch Digital has released a demo for PC (Steam) of the original beer brewing simulator Brewmaster .

This work is a simulation game that expands your own bull work while labeling and selling beer brewing. You can brew various types such as alle, stout beer, and IPA beer depending on the ingredients and manufacturing methods. There are two modes, the beer you have made, winning the contest and business, making money, aiming to purchase equipment and expanding management, and Creative Mode from the beginning, Creative Mode with all materials and equipment from the beginning. Is prepared.

In the demonstration distributed this time, you can brew beer from two types of recipes, perform two jobs, level up, challenge story mode, and make your own original labels. It seems that.

Auroch Digital, the developer, has also announced that it has a new partnership with the worldwide major companies that provide software, e-commerce solutions, content and experiences in the drinking alcohol industry NEXT GLASS . The company has three brands, and BeeradVocate and Hop Culture are in the game for beer-brewed apps for beer enthusiasts, as the providers of the competition sponsors and themes. It is said that the rating will be performed.

The Brewery-management sim BREWMASTER, which allows you to experience authentic beer brewing and selling, is being distributed for PC (Steam). It will be released for PC (Steam)/overseas PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch in 2022.