Disney SpeedStorm is a dynamic picture from Gameloft, in which Disney and Pixar characters participate. Many of your favorites can get behind the wheel and participate in races, but some characters are actually a gang. This can make you ask how to unlock Crew and what they do in Disney SpeedStorm.

There are several ways to unlock Crew in Disney SpeedStorm. Here’s how to unlock Crew in Disney SpeedStorm.

  • Intra-game store
  • Boxes of the season
  • Completion of chapters


What is the team in Disney SpeedStorm?

The crew are various characters in Disney and Pixar, which can be equipped in front of the race. These characters help your racer, providing increases your statistics . They are extremely useful and can give you an advantage over competitors. But before they can help you, you need to know how to equip them.

how to equip a crew

To equip Crew in Disney SpeedStorm, click on the icon Update button before starting the race. Then scroll through the tabs until you reach the crew tab . Here you can equip up to four crew members. You can equip only the team that belongs to the same series as your character, and cannot mix and combine between the franchises.

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