V Rising is a game of survival with a view of the top, which uses many elements from the survival genre, such as looting and creating objects. When you wake up from a centuries-old sleep, you are met by many missions that will lead you through most of the foundations of the game. However, as you continue to engage in your vampire affairs, you can more and more overwhelming the number of resources that you can collect.

Almost everything you collect in V Rising can be used to create other items. As soon as you finish collecting and creating your starting kit from the remains of skeletons, you will begin to hunt and collect all kinds of objects-from skin to copper, stones and even fish oil. Nevertheless, for those who are just starting to eat with the vitality of ordinary mortals, some objects surpass others in terms of value in the early game. Here are the five most important items that need to be packaged primarily in V Rising.


Copper is one of the earliest ores that you will find in V Rising, as well as one of the most important. You can use copper to make excellent copper weapons as well as armor , bars , and bizarre objects for the construction of the base. Updating your items to copper will also increase your overall level. One of many places where you can find copper is in gangster copper mine in the Farbein forest.


One of the first NPCs that you will encounter, after fragile skeletons, will be wild animals. You will receive animal skins from the culling of these creatures. Use animal skins to make the skin to make it better armor for yourself. Keep in mind, however, that you need leather factory for the manufacture of skin from animal skins. To unlock the leather factory, you need to defeat Kili frosty archer in the camp of the bandits catchers, north-east of the Farbein forest.


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The level of your character increases with the best equipment. One way to get the best equipment is to collect drawings, defeating gangster camps and raids on them. However, you can also explore a random plan in research department in exchange for 50 articles . Most of the enemies of the people that you are faced with, after winning them, will throw paper. So, in order to get some drawings, go to raids on these camps and collect all the paper you can.

impeccable hearts

Perhaps you are familiar with Tainted Hearts, as you came across them, defeating the enemies. Impeccable hearts are similar, but have much higher value and rarity. They are discarded only by high-level mobs as well as bosses and four of them can be used to create a large essence of blood -a key material for obtaining their own human slaves. As soon as you open the coffin of the servants, you will need a large essence of blood to build it. So, make sure you have collected these impeccable hearts.

rude thread

A rough thread is one of the key materials necessary to improve your armor, and it does not occur as often as you think. These flows will help converting lower quality flows into higher quality flows that can be combined to ensure unusual strengthening. A rough thread can be found in gangster camps in barrels as well as chest and can also fall out of the bandits when victory over them.

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